Bon Doys Chicken Diner review at Marikina

What do you feel when you discovered something new and you know that it has the potential to become big someday? You feel excited, you feel spirited and full of mixed emotions whether to share it or just enjoy it to the fullest. Well, I say share it! : )

Bon Doys: Original Crispy Honey Garlic Chicken
Bon Doys' Original Crispy Honey Garlic Chicken

Personally, when I like something (which is very seldom) whether its a product or a service, I promote it like its mine. I feel the enjoyment of sharing it and a feeling of satisfaction that that feeling is shared with someone else. So now, I would like to feature a local chicken restaurant in our area that will touch your appetite and make your chicken taste bud's standard a bar higher.
Always associated with Bon Chon due to its name, I present to you guys Bon Doys Diner - Marikina.

Outside view of Bon Doys
Outside view of Bon Doys

Bondoys Diner is a small restaurant beside a car wash shop. We do not know if it was designed to cater to its car wash clients while waiting since all services done on the said car wash business was manual. But the chicken diner is as well open for the public to enjoy and be discovered.

Their menu is filled with great delicious dishes at very affordable prices. From kinds of pasta, to burgers, to pizzas, to sandwiches, to soups and salads, to rice meals, to breakfast meals, to desserts and side orders, name it! They have it.

Bon Doys: All-Meat Pizza
All-Meat Pizza

Bon Doys: Mouth-Watering burgers
Mouth-Watering burgers

Bon Doys: Grilled Pork with gravy
Grilled Pork with gravy

Bon Doys: Beef Lasagna
Beef Lasagna

Their plate's price average is at P100 and you can already enjoy a mouthful of very great tasting meals. They have a variety of super flavorful pizzas and plates of pasta but their main specialty is the original crispy honey garlic chicken which everybody loves. It has a great balance of bitter-sweet, garlic taste and crispiness which makes it on top of their list.

They also have the deep-fried Oreos with vanilla ice cream which is a rare dessert for a regular diner. And not only that which makes them unique, where else can you find a promo offering pizzas at 50% off and 10% discounts on selected meals plus free unlimited ice tea. Crazy right?!

Bon Doys promo 1
Promo 1
Bon Doys promo 2
Bon Doys promo 2

From then on (my first experience of having the chance to eat there), I became a fan. I usually call for delivery which is FYI free since we are just near them, although sometimes delivery is not available - just keeping this real - but that won't stop me from ordering and still try to call for a special food treat. I highly recommend you guys to drop by and experience it when you are in Marikina area.

And by the way, they have a cute photo wall there where everyone can enjoy it. Here are some shots of their customers having the fun of their Bon Doys experience. "Say, Cheese guys!"

Bon Doys friends photo 1
Bon Doys friends photo 1

Bon Doys friends photo 2
Bon Doys friends photo 2

Bon Doys friends photo 3
Bon Doys friends photo 3

For your convenience here is there current menu. (Feel free to click the photo to magnify)

Bon Doys menu
Bon Doys menu

I usually go there and dine with my church mates and I find the place recommendable as well for small gatherings and meet-ups. The place is completely clean and they have well-mannered attendants who serve pretty well. They always have smiles on their faces making the vibe very comfortable inside the diner. Adding items on their menu is one of their surprises so who knows what surprise is waiting for you on your first Bon Doys dine-in.

Carrier: Bon Doys Chicken Diner
Diner location: 484A J P Rizal Street, Malanday, Marikina City 1805
Contact Nos.: 583-7376 / 359-9157 / 0947-3928487 / 0920 922 0778
Bon Doys your way now! Come and taste what chicken must really taste


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Bon Doys Chicken Diner review at Marikina Bon Doys Chicken Diner review at Marikina Reviewed by Michael on March 20, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for the tip - saw their billboard too just this morning, and the sparks came flying around. :) I HAVE TO BRING HOME A BUCKET! I'll call them tomorrow ;)

  2. Hi there!

    I think you need to update Bon Doy's website, I'm helping out because I got their address from your site. One good turn deserves another, they say:

    Are they also sharing the other mobile number, or was that privy between you and them (cuz you live right next to each other, I suppose?) Just snoopin'.. ;)

    1. Sure thing! Thanks for this and I'll let them know as soon as possible! = ) God bless.

    2. BTW, the numbers given are for public use so no problem.

  3. Checkout the place and experience the good food they serve. Good for Marikina foodie and food tripping residents and nearby areas. Will surely like their Crispy Honey Garlic chicken which is their specialty. And for career hunting people in Marikina, I though they are hiring personnel check at


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