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It is my delight and pleasure to present to you that Michael's Hut is featured on the following trusted and credible online platforms such as the following:

* Ezoic, which currently monetizes Michael's Hut's promotional ads, is a US-based company that is one of the most popular and global leaders when it comes to intelligent technology for exceptional content.

3. INSIDER, Business (soon)

* Formerly New York's Business Insider

* Other write-ups *

> Karla Obispo's Travel with Karla
> Ramil Hinolan's The City Rat
> Dorry Lyn Salinas' Mom's Shout Out
> Liz Cochico's Mommy's Little Corner
> Chrizelle Lumba's Chryzhpontaneous
> Nicole San Miguel's Living Beyond Style
> Carine Olaso Virtus' Carine Virtus
> Miss Webpreneur's article

* Mentions *

> Joma Vicencio's Call Center Survival PH
> Jayson Biadog's article
> Renz Simpao's Thinkable box
> Reginald Agsalon's article
> Alita Pacio's Share to Inspire

Feel free to let me know (comment below or email) if you see other online write-ups or mention so I can add them here. For collaborations, visit this page for more information where the media kit (rate card) is provided.

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