List of ad platforms for website or blog monetization (alternatives)

There is no denying that we can earn via blogging thru displaying advertisements and sponsored content on our sites. Yes, we can do it manually for some of the interested advertisers but who would not prefer automating everything so we can focus on producing content? Well, I guess no one, right?

Let me help you here by providing some of the media advertisers with who we can partner and earn some decent money from the online content we produce.

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For this list, I will arrange them based on being the beginner-friendly ad platforms to the ones who only want the top-performing blogs and sites. Volume and Quality of traffic is usually the top basis then next is the demographic tier where US, UK, Canada, and Australian visitors are some of the considered tier 1 guests (the highest tier).

* Beginner-friendly ad platforms don't require too much from the publishers. You can automatically apply to most of them just by following the given procedures from their sites. One of the most popular kinds of ad here is the pop-up ads where publishers love it due to its high-efficiency rate for profit while the readers hate it because it disrupts their visiting experience.


+ Page view (per loaded page)
+ Session (a visit that may contain many page views without leaving the site or blog)
+ Impression (per load of a specific page, ad, or subject)

* Google analytics is the most trusted/preferred ruler for analytics

> Evadav - beginner-friendly

> Adcash - beginner-friendly

> PopCash - beginner-friendly

> ProppellerAds - beginner-friendly

Bidvertiser beginner-friendly but must have your own custom domain name

Adsterra beginner-friendly (some types of banners have traffic requirements) 

Infolinks - beginner-friendly (just make sure you follow their given policies and guidelines)

> Google Adsense - few and attainable requirements but with heavy list of guidelines to follow
[Eligibility requirements here]

MID LEVEL performing sites - It is safe to say that the RPM (rate per meter) here starts to go up which a few of them can even compete against the high and top levels. Sites here must undergo human approval for quality checks before being accepted into the program.

> - many strict guidelines and prioritizing tier 1 countries (know more here)

> Ezoic - 10,000 session per month (know more here, then go to FAQ portion)

I can refer you to this platform but let's check your site first. Feel free to shoot me an email.
OR if you are really confident to pass their requirements, start HERE and register.

> Monumetric - 10,000 [unofficial] page views per month majority from tier 1 countries 

> Gourmet ads - 10,000 page views per month majority from tier 1 countries (know more here)


SHE Media - 20,000 page views per month majority women from tier 1 countries (know more here)

> Adversal - 50,000 page views per month (know more here)

HIGH LEVEL performing sites - If not the same, the RPM (rate per meter) here is a little bit better than the mid-level ones but with more optional banner types and features like the video ads. Just like in the mid-level, sites undergo human approval here too for quality checks before being accepted into the program.

> Ad.Plus (Ad+) - 100,000 monthly page views (know more here)

* I can refer you to this platform but let's check your site first. Feel free to shoot me an email.

Adthrive - 100,000 monthly page views AND must be mostly from US (know more here)

> Underdog Media - 150,000 monthly page views AND must be mostly from US (know more here)

> Innity - 200,000 page views or 40,000 unique visitors per month (know more here)

Valueimpressions - 750,000 impressions per month or 25,000 per day (know more here)

TOP LEVEL performing sites - Basing it on their given requirements, your site must be one of the best in your selected category/niche before making it in their program.

> Mediavine - 50,000 sessions a month (know more here)

*ULTRA LEVEL - If we have the top level, well then, this would be the cream of the "top".   

MonetizeMore - 500,000 unique visitors or 5M page views per month (know more here)

Spacial category: Native ads advertisers

They are the ones who specialize (but not limited to) on native ads where their ad banners are usually the ones who promote interesting or catchy articles below or after a particular post. They are designed to adapt to our site or blog and are placed where the readers choose to visit another article or blog post. 

MGID - 3,000 unique visitors daily or 90,000 visitors per month (know more here)

Revcontent - 50,000 - 80,000 visitors per month [unofficial]

Taboola - 500,000 monthly page views [unofficial]

Outbrain - 500,000 monthly page views [unofficial]

* Some of them are strict with these requirements but some are not. You are free to give it a try when you think you are eligible or want their service, but make sure to check their process first as some of them may take long before you can submit again or are email sensitive (meaning your might need to use another email address for your next submission for it to be noticed).  

We have our own preferences coming with a lot of factors when it comes to selecting our advertising platforms/partners. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa.. In the end, as long as you are satisfied and happy with it, just work it out. But let me remind you of some of the important things to look into before partnering with some of them:

1. Minimum payout / Threshold amount ($100 is average but a couple above can do $20)
2. Payout method (PayPal is the most convenient while wire transfer requires a lump sum)
3. Payout schedule (usually pays 30 days after your current earnings)
4. Profit sharing and other fees (don't be shocked if you'll receive less from what you expected)
5. Contract exclusivity (if only applicable)
6. How does their ads look (believe me, this matter lol)

And that ends our list. I know there are a lot of other advertising platforms out there but these are the ones who I managed to at least encounter via email, researched, already tried in the past or current, or want to go partner with in the future.

Tip: Most of them can work at the same time and distributing your earning funnel is highly recommended. I suggest putting ads from like 2-3 different ad providers will be great. Well, you are free to focus on what works best for you but as far as my experience and if you did your research, spreading them lowers any risk when something out of hand happens.

Feel free to share below the comment box if you think I missed any ad platform you think is needed to be on this list as well or even a review/experience upon using them. I will either update this blog post or just simply accept your comment after some personal verification is done.

Again, I hope this list was a great help to anyone who needs it. You're welcome.

For future reference, I might need to discover more about the list below. They might be good options as well but I haven't tried them yet and so little information can be seen online:

- Adipolo
- Mahimeta

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