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Ezoic Review - Real-world Insights ...
Ezoic Review - Real-world Insights after 4 Years of Use

If you want to earn money online with competitive rates from ads and is looking for an ad partner who has one of the least minimum payout threshold amount, you should be targeting to enroll your blog or website to this platform the soonest you can. Well, I did. And it was an achievement to celebrate, really.


So as I previously listed some of the ad partners or ad networks you might want to enroll in, so far, Ezoic is the best in terms of everything. Yes, everything. They just set the bar high for me that I think I would be in their program if not for a very long time, then it will be for a lifetime - not kidding.

Just a quick story before onboarding their program: I applied months ago and it was too early for my site because I just recently transferred from Blogspot to my custom domain then so my application was denied. And when that happens (unsuccessful application),  you need to wait 5 more months again before you can re-apply, and so I waited. In the middle of waiting, I came across a link in one of the online groups I was a member of that Ezoic was accepting applicants instantly via their Access Now program hence where my journey with Ezoic started. There was a quiz after and you need to pass it or else someone can replace you since slots were limited. So moving forward, I would like to thank our Lord for passing it and I am now here writing this review to share it with all of you. I hope this article brings you light in any way possible.

First things first, what are their requirements? You first must have the following:

- 10,000 session per month (waived)
- Original content
- Generally, Google-friendly in all aspects (no bad records)

ezoic requirements
Ezoic requirements

Once you achieve these at any given point in time, go and apply! If you think you have it already, feel free to start HERE and register. Again, let me remind you that once your application is unsuccessful, you need to wait 5 more months again before you can re-apply.

If everything goes smooth here, you'll now have access to your dashboard where you need to set up a few things that include integrating your site with ezoic and completing the monetization setup before ads can be seen on your site.

For the site integration, proper instructions are given and it varies depending on what blogging platform you are currently using. Simply follow all of them until you reach 100% of integration.

ezoic integration
Ezoic integration


For the monetization setup, you have options depending on what you have and what your targets are.

ezoic monetization set up
Ezoic monetization set up

If you currently have an Adsense account, you can choose to

1. Import your Google Adsense data into the system (not required but recommended)
2. Do mediation and link your Google Adsense account (not required but recommended)
3. Apply for the Google Ad exchange program

All of the above has the capacity to increase the performance of your ads. Again, having your own Adsense account is not a requirement but getting one is highly recommended.

Under settings: You can even set your account to revenue-focused, user-experience-focused, or balanced, their default mode.

goal optimization
goal optimization

Now, for the ad types.. Here in Ezoic, they have what they call "ad placeholders" where obviously ads can be seen. You will be the one to place them anywhere on your site where you want them to be but that will not guarantee that you'll see ads there every time. Their AI system will decide what type of ad and where on your placed ad holders will it display them.

For the types of ads available, they can cater the following:

* Ad banners
* Native ad banners
* Sticky sidebar ads
* In-image ads
* Vignette ads
* Interstitials ads
* Video ads

ezoic dashboard
Ezoic dashboard

They have a lot of other features like improving the speed of your site thru their caching app, hosting your videos and monetizing them, improving the SEO of your articles via their tags tester, and a more detailed analytics report which they call the big data analytics. Though I may have to do a separate article for that since these are not our focus for this post but just shows how big of a help they can do for you once you get into their program.

Talking about earnings, I am getting SO much more using them VS our regular Adsense, like at a rate of 2-3 times more on the average. Yeah, it sounds too good to be true to me before as well but now that I am in their program, guys, they really pay. They transfer funds through bank transfers and Paypal (Net 30) with an astounding minimum threshold amount of only $20! It's like a guaranteed payout every month. Who wouldn't like that?! You will also get the whole amount of revenue as seen on your dashboard because they get their own profit via an extra ad found at the bottom of your site - which will only be seen after you use Ezoic for one whole month.

You can even run them with other ad platforms side by side if you want to and they also have a referral program up and running. 

ezoic logo

I am so excited about what Ezoic can bring into the future because even their assistance to the publishers can really be commended. Usually, other ad platforms just give an email address and/or a chat feature in their website for this aspect but on Ezoic, aside from those, they also use some 3rd party group chat system where it's so easy to share everything both with their team and other publishers too. This just says a lot about Ezoic, really. Very well done, Ezoic!

And upon planning to use their platform for the long run, I do hope to get invited to using any of  their premium plans when given the chance. This is the first time me being really eager and excited to get a premium membership or anything like it online and that is how special Ezoic is right now to me.

So make sure to target being an Ezoic member in one of your goals soon and I bet you will never regret it. I am just glad to share this awesome opportunity with everybody who is reading this and hope to see you guys here too. Feel free to use this referral link and register if you want to join them now. 

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Ezoic review | One of the best monetization platforms online Ezoic review | One of the best monetization platforms online Reviewed by Michael on May 01, 2021 Rating: 5


  1. Maybe I wasn't using it right, I didn't have much luck with them. But they sound so great!

  2. very good information good to know about it.I was wandering about ezoic.

  3. Great review and well explained . I am with Ezoic as well and quite happy so far.

  4. It's great that a lot of platforms like these are being generous. I'd definitely check this out!

  5. This news to me as I am not familiar with ezoic. I would love to give them a try. Thank you for sharing.

  6. It's great that you've found an ad company that you're so happy with! I've never heard of this one before, I wonder how many there are out there now.

    1. I just wrote a list of them in one of my previous posts =)

  7. never knew about ezoic before. thanks for intro and now I want to learn more about it

  8. Ezoic seems to be a great platform because of their AI multivariate testing feature, access to the Ad Exchange platform as well as their site speed features.

    1. yes, the ad exhange platform was really a booster

  9. I've heard a lot of good things about the income from Ezoic. However, I was a bit concerned about its huge impact on load time so I deferred the invitation to sign up.

  10. I had read about ezoic in your previous post. I have not tried it yet, I'll do it today.

    1. Let me know how you find them! exciting times ahead.

  11. This is amazing!!! I've never heard of ezoic before, seems like a great tool! I will check it out for sure.

  12. This looks so good! I’m going to try it myself, thank you!

  13. Yey! Congrats sa wakas! you deserve it I'm so happy for you!

    1. salamat sa pag recommend! ang saya lang! =)

  14. Very good to know about ezoic. One of my friend told me about it but i am just confused . Thanks for sharing with us

  15. Thanks for reviewing ezoic. i am just exploring how ezoic work and how ezoic increasing revenue your post reply help me

    1. Their EPMV or maybe what you may know CPM is higher compared to others BUT not to all

  16. I'm having a hard time integrating ezoic with my blogger blog. How did you do yours?

  17. Hi Godssword Edet, I integrated mine via changing name servers which is super easy to do. just search some how to dos online via what platform you are using then you are good to go


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