Why collaborate with Michael's Hut? Well, aside from publishing it using the blog.. I make sure that every article I produce gets indexed by search engines. I do make sure that every post here gets my own standard amount of visits and ranks high in search results. Michael's Hut empowers search engine optimization with the help of relating a good amount of keywords with enough traffic to authorize products, services, or even brands in place.

Aside from presenting every article to the blog's current subscribers, I assist it with various social media postings using the following:

Facebook (27,000+ fans)
Facebook account(10,000+ followers)
Instagram  (12,000+ followers)
Pinterest  (600+ followers)
YouTube (800+ subscribers)


Alexa rating [retired]
* Global rank top 50,000 and below
most visitors coming from USA, Philippines, and India


Google page rank: 3
Domain rating: 6 (14+ before upgrading from blogspot to own domain)
Domain authority: 16 (20+ before upgrading from blogspot to own domain)
Page rank: 31 (40+ before upgrading from blogspot to own domain)


Feel free to check the blog's rankings and recognitions at the footer of the page or see some of the awesome features from the past of some popular and reliable pages HERE.

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