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If you are a blogger, vlogger, influencer, content creator, or in any profession (like a celebrity) that uses online platforms to engage with your audience then do not miss being on this community. Well, they are just one of the emerging revenue-generating partners for me that are bringing value, especially in terms of CASH. 

Intellifluence payouts
Intellifluence payouts

Intellifluence is a US-based influencer marketing program that connects brands to collaborate with influencers with ease.

All you need to do is to sign up on their website as an influencer and COMPLETE your profile. Once it's done, you will be seeing available job offers as per your niche. Their marketplace is also present where you can search for certain projects and see more details about the other job requirements. Their system actually automatically filters all the projects for you according to your profile but what's great here is that you can set the search in the marketplace to a more general one to see more opportunities. Why is this an important tip? Because some jobs might be perfect for you wherein a little development on your profile is just needed for you to be able to qualify.

Intellifluence marketplace search filter
marketplace search filter

Price per offer varies but most of the time and as per experience, the projects I have done for them are at $100 per article with around 500 words minimum requirement. Some jobs can go lower but I have seen some go as high as $225 per article and it's actually a great deal to consider especially basing it on industry prices.

What's great is that not only that we get to produce some related content for our readers but this all works with any blog or site monetization partners like Google Adsense or Ezoic at the same time.

Key on landing more offers and getting those projects? Earn badges and build your profile.

Intellifluence badges
Intellifluence badges

There are badges in the network to be earned which they describe "should increase the chances of landing work". They are actually great indicators of how good one profile is which should be something to achieve since they also support one's potential and credibility.

I actually started earning 2 of my first badges which are the "Intellifluence influencer" and the "Intellifluence trusted blogger" badges after completing a single work a year ago. Now, after seeing some of their available badges, I started working on what I think were achievable and have gained them accordingly. My favorite would be the "large audience" badge which has a requirement of getting at least 50,000 reach potential across all my connected social media accounts.

Intellifluence profile
Intellifluence profile

[For bloggers] Blog metrics will also be measured so don't forget to work on them too! Most of them are slowly earned through time or as one's profile ages so make sure to be patient and consistent. As the platform supports almost all the big social media brands, feel free to connect and explore them all but focus on what works for you.

Let me make registering one step ahead by providing these links for your convenience: You may use these links to register as an influencer or maybe as a brand.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this , very informative and very helpful ito to earn money 😍

  2. Wow thanks for sharing this very helpful po talaga para maka earn ng money ...


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