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Planning to send items nationwide or even abroad? From my previous work, we send things through couriers which are very convenient and prefer the most appropriate one by matching it from the said transaction/destination. Of course, that is after comparing rates between each delivery's location from and to using a given courier. Here, I'll just give you the list of options where you can do just that.

courier services Manila by
courier services Manila by


Hotline No. NA (see the nearest station in your location here)

City Delivery []
Hotline No. 87878

JRS Express []
Hotline No. 637 2065

PackageDeal []
Hotline No. 512 1916

SMF Express []
Hotline No. 697 4259 or 708 6699

iDeliver101 Philippines []
Hotline No.  836 9132

Metro Wide Courier Express []
Hotline No. 528 4764

Air21 []
Hotline No. 854 2100

LBC []
Hotline No. 858 5999

AirSpeed []
Hotline No. 852 7328

2G0 []
Hotline No. 527 4605

Fastrack []
Hotline No. 570 9875

DHL []
Hotline No. 811 7000

Xend []
Hotline No. 806 9363

Fedex []
Hotline No. 463 3339

TNT []
Hotline No. 551 5632

UPS []
Hotline No. 717 6700

Want to add your patronized courier service or company? Reach me via sending a message through my official email address or simply just comment them below for verification before confirmation.

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  1. It's nice to see that there are a lot of players (new ones too) in the courier services as it gives us more options.

  2. Good thing , there is now a healthy competition among courier services. Yung 2 to Go, mukhang okay since thrice na akong nag-transaction sa kanila.

  3. I use pedala couriers composed of bicycle messengers

  4. I've been using a couple of these couriers since I used to run an online shop. But it's refreshing to know a couple of new ones that are worth considering.

  5. It's the Philippine market who makes them feel the success. More and more businesses are flourishing because of its excellent services.

  6. I only have tried services of 3 couriers on your list...while the others I didn't even know existed.. >_<

  7. Which of these courier services would allow jewelry item ( if i want to send one abroad? I inquired with DHL and they don't allow.thanks

  8. what courier is the best and not expensive when shipping fr here to hongkong?and how abt to U.S.?

    1. Try each of their calculators, it varies really. You need to be smart on using them each time.

  9. Hi, pwede po ba food delivery? Sa Myanmar po kasi, meron silang delivery service for home-cooked meals from Myanmar to Singapore. I'm wondering if we have that po in the Philippines. Thanks so much! :)

  10. This is very helpful. We have been wanting to have this kind of listing for personal shipments before to Vancouver, vice-versa. Now, we wish to have an account here in Manila for shipments going to China and Hong Kong, vice-versa. Amongst the choices, which would you recommend the best (3 options pls)?
    Thanks so much.

  11. hi po have u familiar this max courier services in manila? please give me a exact details about this courier,thank you

  12. I'm using for my customers who wants same day delivery, they also offering COD within Metro Manila. My customers have a nice feedback naman for them.

  13. Hi is there any courier in the philippines that sends food supplement here in canada?

    1. Not sure. Sorry. Try asking some of them directly.

  14. Hi, im would just like to ask and inquire if do you guys know any courier company who accepts and delivers frozen foods/ goods? Thanks. Your response will be highly appreciated. :)

  15. Have you ever heard of YEY COURIER there office is in Nueve de Pebrero Mandaluyong City? Thanks


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