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Last February, I recently added a goal in my bucket list which is to monetize my YouTube account. That goal actually started after successfully monetizing this blog supported by Google through the Google Adsense platform and receiving my first payout from blogging. Well, I guess the only thing after reaching a goal is setting up a new goal right? (Rapunzel-Flynn moments if you know the scene with the flying lanterns and all.. haha)

So for this post, I will just share the things I am still and currently doing to hit that goal. I am near to accomplish one of the requirements while the other one is yet to reach its quarter mark (ugh). If you are interested to know more, feel free to read on..

Improve your YouTube channel
Perform better on YouTube

The current requirements as per the Google Adsense partnership program with YouTube is hitting 1,000 subscribers AND 4,000 watch hours for or around 12 months. They say the watch hours automatically update itself with your current 12 months performance so it may vary once you go over the given period.

I have known people (friends to be exact) taking the requirements differently.. For some, they have no problem with this as they have been using YouTube and producing videos long ago before this "monetization" age started. While a few were performing very well hitting the marks with ease, taking only about 3-4 months on the average completing them.. But based on the people I know that wanted their accounts to be monetized, around 8 of 10 are discouraged in the process and of course, those stories will be buried with those failed attempts. These stories behind are, of course, very different depending on what your goals are and what factors can you sacrifice on attaining them. I will try to tackle them as we go along the list so we might as well start reading or watch the video at the bottom (if you prefer that). 

1. Start on your personal network or if you want the funny version "Bug your friends".

Grow your YouTube: Family and friends
Start with them (your family and friends)

They are your first line of support group to everything. Why not saturate this population first. We have an average of a thousand friends on Facebook per account and getting them to support you will be the greatest jump-start on your groove hitting those targets. I have known people who want to grow  their channel as organic as possible.. Honestly, who wouldn't want that? But having this boost will increase your YouTube channel and video exposure and that is what we needed especially from the start.

They always have the option to unsubscribe on your channel if they don't want the content so just don't be too sensitive about it as we are trying to be efficient as possible. Even the big "YouTubers" experience this so it's natural.

2. Do channel subscription and video views exchange really work?

Grow your YouTube: Subscription and video views exchange
Sub and views exchange

If you really have taken the time and searched for ways on growing your channel, I know you know this. Haha!

Honestly? It depends. As per my experience, averagely 2 out of 10 channel subscription exchange stays and that is already a filtered selection. This is actually quite hard to explain as so many factor can affect it. I have no proof of such an explanation but they say, YouTube eliminates subscriptions tagged as bulk subscribing on a given period of time unless they watch a video of a specific account for a given amount of time.

One of the highlights for me in here was being invited to a group that had good rules on supporting one another. The group is very limited but having them is better than doing the subscription exchange most of the time. I mean, the efforts you put is not wasted when YouTube disregards the actions taken by you or the one you exchange with.

3. Use your social media influence

Grow your YouTube: Maximize your social media presence
Explore the potentials of your social media platforms

As stated in no. 1, aside from being persistent in inviting your friends to subscribe and view your YouTube account.. Use your most dominant social media platform. Not all of us are into Facebook where you can send private messages to your friends and other groups but some of us are more of a Twitter person, or an Instagram one. Whatever that may be, use it to convert them to support your YouTube channel. Have a giveaway, share something interesting or helpful.. The more creative your approach is, the more effective it delivers.

4. Invest time and money (be resourceful and efficient)

Grow your YouTube: Time and Money
Play with what you got

Not all of us have the means to sponsor some events in exchange for what we like but if you use your current resources wisely, you can actually make them possible just in a different way. You can partner with your friends who have businesses and do some cross-marketing activities, you can do a raffle with your pre-loved items that might be useful to others, or even support your friends who have been putting the effort in growing their channels too as you would likely be reciprocated with the same support. If you go through the list, most of them actually require more time than money but if you have the money why not invest as well right? It will hasten the process big time.

Grow your YouTube: Sponsored posts
Facebook advertisements

Doing ads or sponsored posts on social media is very effective because the users are already online. They are already in the playing field with just a few clicks away from where we wanted them to go. So if you have the means, do Facebook advertisements, Google Adwords, sponsored posts on Instagram, etc.. as they are more likely to be effective than the other offline strategies.

5. Either know the trend or dominate a specific subject few covers

Grow your YouTube: Know what is trending
Be updated

For those who are in the entertainment industry, uploading videos that are trending is a must. The earlier the better. Even if a lot of you have produced something similar (but not totally the same which is prohibited lol), more or likely, your video will catch a fraction of that high search demand especially if you are one of the firsts. There are a lot of helpful sites that can help you with this so exploring them really helps. And of course, this goes not only for the entertainment industry but across the other industries as well.

While on the side of it, covering subjects that a few put attention with can be a great strategy too. Why? Because even if the search on that subject is low but there are only a few videos that give information about it, then more or likely your video will be the ones popping out after that search.

NOTE: Not all can actually do this especially if your channel is specialized in selected themes. More if you are not in the entertainment industry unless you are willing for such video(s) to appear on your channel just for the sake of having views and/or popularity.

I actually have learned this from one of my previous jobs that if you want exposure to your correct audience then interact with your "niche influencers" or popular people on that subject matter. One of the most underrated strategies is commenting on the popular videos of the people you follow in the same industry or subject matter. If you have the time, do it. In blogging, we have the privilege of putting our links with our comments most of the time and as I look closely at my blog's performance..  I was pretty surprised that a percentage of my guest visits was referred from my comments I did on the other blogs. I hope that explanation suffices.

6. Video details matter especially the Video Title

Grow your YouTube: Video details
Optimize your video potentials

If you have studied SEO (search engine optimization), such details are automatic since the same process happens with YouTube. Video descriptions, tags, and especially the title matter because they are the ones YouTube crawls on with regards to the searches done. The more your video is related to the searches, the higher your video will perform. With this, you have the power to empower your videos on naming them properly. Either it has to be super catchy or related to a trending topic.. Being informative works too if it's applicable so make sure you don't take them for granted.

7. Photo thumbnails can make or break your videos

Grow your YouTube: Photo thumbnails
They matter more than you think

This can be the deciding factor once similar videos pop out based on the search done. Images attract the eyes more than the text so in most cases, videos with better photo thumbnails get clicked. We want our videos to be optimized as much as possible right? But don't overdo it. Some actually use misleading or click-bait pictures just for the sake of getting clicks. Yes, they might have gotten that click once, twice or even thrice but once the people recognize your brand or identity with such unreliability, you might be cutting your own future with that.

8. Use the subscribe link wisely

Grow your YouTube: Subscription link
Do you even know this helpful link exist?

Shortening the process of making people support your channel improves the probability of them doing it successfully. Do this hack so once people click on the link, an automatic pop up message of subscribing to your channel will appear on their screen.

Here is mine:

The text with the green font is my custom URL on YouTube. Simply change that to yours and it should work as it did for me. Your user ID or channel ID should work as well I suppose. Thank me later. ;)

9. Consistency is key. Are you passionate or determined enough?

Grow your YouTube: Consistency
Are you up for the challenge?

On searching for more ways with wanting to grow my channel, I was so fed up on seeing and hearing "upload videos every day as much as possible" and like "Focus on your content and own it"...  Come on, it will all follow if you really wanted this OR you are determined enough. I will bluntly say that there are a lot of people (especially now) wanting to monetize their channel but few will succeed and only a number of that few will continue.

If you really like producing content videos, editing them, or inspiring people through this medium more or likely YouTube made this program for you. But if you are only up for this just because of the money, high chance is that you'll be stumbled in the process. Getting those monetization requirements is already something to be happy about really but if you are thinking that the amount of money behind that is big, think again.

Consistency is a simple word yet so complicated and such a difficult thing to do. So are you up for the challenge?

10. Planning something? Start now

Grow your YouTube: Start now
Don't delay

- For those who are still thinking of starting their channel -

Even if you have the best plan in store, nothing will happen if you do not start now. Many reasons out that they wanted to start their first YouTube video an impressive one. But hey, even the popular channels have their first YouTube videos up (not for everyone though as you can delete old videos or start a new channel if you want to) and they are appreciated by people. When they see how you progress by watching your videos at different timelines, they value it. My first videos uploaded were even made by the "Movie maker" program - If you were already born those years when they were the coolest video maker back then lol.

But again, I suggest starting now is better than starting late because most of the people I know who delays them do not even start at all. They are thinking too much. Guys, it's your own channel and you do you. If you do not start soon, I kind of think that this is not for you after all

- For those who are growing their channels right now -

If you are thinking of creative ways especially the unusual ones of getting those views and subscribes, don't get scared to try them.. Now. Most of the time, doing something is better than not trying at all. We'll all get better as we go along so we might as well take the chance as they are not there every time. I recently did something that involves a lot of risks (like really a lot) and Thank you Lord it turned out well - for now, haha! It kind of boosted what I expected it to be and I was quite happy with the result.

Viral videos happen because a number of favorable events happened, so make sure it happens for you too. You can take out the viral part, as something favorable is already worth it and it will only start once you do something.. Now.

If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Update: My YouTube channel is now monetized and the story goes like this.

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