Online buy & sell sites in Manila, Philippines

Hey guys, I'll be listing below some sites where you can either buy and/or sell stuff online. The category is quite limitless, from rare items to real estate, cars, business places, and even your second-hand items to third as long as someone wants it.

buy and sell sites manila by
buy and sell sites manila by

OLX by Sulit
Buy and Sell PH
Red Pages
Buy and Sell Plus
Klik Dito
Ads Natin
Car Finder
Phil Motors
Ad Post
So have you posted your unwanted items on all of them already? HAHA!

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Online buy & sell sites in Manila, Philippines Online buy & sell sites in Manila, Philippines Reviewed by Michael on May 02, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. I haven't tried any of these but I am a bit familiar with olx. :)

  2. Thanks for compiling this list as this is very helpful to me..

  3. Aside from donating our second hand stuff, we sell products to sulit mostly because it's the most prominent and more people will be searching for items there.

  4. very nice to know the selections online!! i haven't tried any of the links above though i always shop in lazada

  5. Thanks for this post. I enjoy shopping online, but require to control myself buying online.

  6. Helpful post. Never heard some of them but Sulit, wow suki ako nyan.

  7. It's nice to see that the list is now growing which means we have more options for online shopping.

  8. I have heard of OLX but I never really knew if it was safe to engage with them, thanks for the list. Sulit pa din ako though, haha!

    1. matagal na pong nag reredirect ang sulit sa olx noh. hahahaha

  9. Any review about klikdito. I'm planning to buy an iphone @17k?

  10. There is a new comer, and it looks promising

  11. Hi michael, thanks for sharing this list of buy and sell website here in the Philippines. I hope you can also include on your list.

  12. Thanks for this list. I am familiar with OLX and I know it is one of the top buy and sell websites in the Philippine. I just want to add a new booming FREE classified ads here in our country, They offer a lot of stuff from cars to gadgets where user can easily post their items to sell.

  13. Hi Sir Michael,

    Thanks for this post, I need your permission to post to share this website:
    This is a Free Online Classified ads website together with buy and sell. This can be useful to product sellers.


  14. I would also like to suggest . I found it very convenient classified ad website. I already sold lots of makeup there. :)

  15. Hi, thanks for this updates. Have been looking for online shopping site for a year now. Thanks guys but i have one request can someone give me a legit buy and sell forums or classified site for pains relief medications. i have serious pain and anxiety problem can't seem to fine any area online and my doctor won't help. thanks


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