List of best milk tea brands PH | 14 Milk tea names - 1 list

With so many milk tea brands popping up almost every month nowadays, who is your favorite? Well, for this post, I will share with you guys the 14 most commercialized milk tea brands I have encountered - In terms of availability, no. of branches, personal experience, and internet or social media presence.

I will rank my top 5 recommended brands below the post (after this alphabetical list).
Feel free to share your ideas on the comment section given.

best milk tea list Manila by
best milk tea list Manila by

1. Bubbalab milk tea

2. Cha Tuk Chak milk tea

3. Chatime milk tea

4. Coco milk tea

5. Dakasi milk tea

6. Gong Cha milk tea

7. Happy Lemon milk tea

8. I love Milk Tea

9. Infinitea milk tea

10. Macao Imperial milk tea

11. Moonleaf milk tea

12. Serenitea milk tea

13. Simple Line milk tea

14. Tiger Sugar milk tea

Now for the ranking of my recommendation (1 - best, 5 - least)

1. Simple Line - Black tea with herbal jelly toppings*
     - First-ever milk tea I have tasted
     - Still the best-tasting milk tea for me VS the price and the serving size

2. Coco - Panda or Two Ladies black milk tea flavor*
     - I have a theory that this is a high-end version of Simple Line (haha!)
     - Good serving size as well plus one of the most available VS the other brands (delivery)

3. I love Milk Tea - Royal milk tea with either pearls or Hantien jelly toppings*
     - Unique royal flavor
     - The most affordable milk tea yet

4. Gong Cha - Black milk tea with pearl or herbal jelly with cream cheese on top*
     - Kind of pricey since it is located at high-end areas but the taste is reasonable

5. Happy Lemon - Black milk tea with pearl or herbal jelly with cream cheese and rock salt on top*
     - Since it was my first encounter with rock salt & cream cheese on top.. I liked it! numba 5!

If you agree, then great! We should hang out soon lol. If you have other ideas though, feel free to share it below the comment section. Hearing your thoughts will be nice.. Besides, I know there will be some of you recommending other brands which I am excited to hear especially if it is either new or the ones I have not known yet.



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List of best milk tea brands PH | 14 Milk tea names - 1 list List of best milk tea brands PH | 14 Milk tea names - 1 list Reviewed by Michael on August 28, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. All brand of milk tea here are awesome. Right now im craving! Later I buy 1 litter of milk tea.haha

  2. I have never tried milk tea before. Do they have any rooibois milk tea because rooibos is my favourite!

  3. Hi, just wanted to say, I liked this post. It was practical.

    Keep on posting!

  4. Quite the list there! I passed Coco a lot in Tokyo but unfortunately didn't get the chance to try it - the lines were always so long!

  5. I remember my friend recommending Coco. I could not believe how long the lines can be to get a glass of milk tea! It is insane! I mean, hello? It is only milk tea! What's with all these crazy long lines! Their milk tea is okay, but if I have to stand in line that long, I think I'd look for different store instead.

    1. People nowadays have different priorities lol

  6. I have never heard of Milk Tea before, what is it exactly? I'm intrigued... :)

  7. I have never tried milk tea before! Is it a hot drink? It looks like there are lots of brands offering it though which is fab. Can you get it in different flavours too?

    1. Usually its cold and yes, it comes in various flavors.. You can select from tons of them lol

  8. Interesting stuff. I don't think I've ever tried milk tea. I'll have to check some of these out.

  9. I would love to try the simple line. This just sounds so amazing. I love a good milk tea and it would be delicious.

  10. Thanks for sharing this. I have to look for milk tea which I have never had before.

  11. I never heard of milk tea but would love to try some. There are so many to choice from. Great list!

  12. Looooove Happy Lemon! So many different drinks that taste great!


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