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Who wouldn't want to get fit? I bet almost everyone wants to be healthy and kicking like a horse every single day of our lives, right? But a big yet very simple question that separates us from that is "Are you willing to change your lifestyle to obtain that goal?"

One of my dreams is to have my own gym someday even how small it may be so it will inspire not only myself but my community as well about being healthy or increase health consciousness at the very least. Our health is an investment worth investing at for the long run that many people take for granted, so for the meantime, let me share with you about this gym near our place  that is ready to take that challenge head-on.

dumbbells at Reboot camp fitness

Reboot camp fitness is located at the ground floor of MACLEE building Sampaguita Street - Sampaguita village, barangay Malanaday, Marikina City.

The gym is free weights style so you are open to do your own exercise routine at your own phase. An on-site trainer is always around to assist guests especially new members for experienced assessment depending on what you are targeting to improve. 

drills and training at Reboot camp fitness
list of drills

There is a white board present inside the gym where you can get ideas on what you can do differently every time you go there. If I am not mistaken, these are the list of training and drills the guests and members do mostly (especially the groups) for such circuit training and warm-ups.

Yes, you heard it right. They also do circuit training here which is very recommended for people who are just starting to condition themselves. Having a group to do those drills really help because it makes everything more fun and less energy-draining. If you don't have your own group, feel free to ask - you may join a particular group instead.

monkey bars at Reboot camp fitness
Monkey bars

If you already have a background about stuff like a routine from your previous trainer or so, most likely you can do those here as well.

bench press at Reboot camp fitness
bench press

leg press at Reboot camp fitness
leg press

arm curl workouts at Reboot camp fitness
arm curls

cable rope workouts at Reboot camp fitness
cables and ropes

barbell squats at Reboot camp fitness
barbell squats

Some of the perks inside are these lockers which are free to use (even for non-members) and this water dispenser which is FREE-of-charge as well as long as you have your own water cup - P10/cup if you don't have your own.

lockers at Reboot camp fitness

water dispenser at Reboot camp fitness
water dispenser

You don't even have to worry about where to park your car or even where to take a shower after your workout because you can do it all here with no extra charge.

parking at Reboot camp fitness
parking spaces

shower room at Reboot camp fitness
shower room

Interesting facts do not stop there.. how about working out side by side with celebrities like the following:

Pauline Mendoza at Reboot camp fitness
Pauline Mendoza

Carlos Agassi at Reboot camp fitness
Carlos Agassi

I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Arvin (gym owner) how the business started. Know more about the story here:

If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

I am really digging of how simple the place is which makes the things I want to do inside not that complicated. The shower room for me is already a bonus of how the area feel so spacious despite the size of the whole establishment. Plus, the gym is located just approximately like 50m away from the main road of J.P Rizal when you enter the street of Sampaguita so its quite accessible already in terms of commuting or having your own transportation.

How much is the membership fee? It is P60/session(day) or P600/month. The monthly rate is already a great deal especially if you are planning to visit them more than 10x a month since it will already equalize the cost of  the 10-day session.

So if you are in the vicinity and want to start the healthy lifestyle, try Reboot camp fitness and train like a soldier. Don't procrastinate and schedule that visit now. Not tomorrow, not the following day, NOW.

Location: G/F MACLEE Bldg. 12 Sampaguita St. Sampaguita village barangay Malanday, Marikina City
Operating hours: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Mon.-Fri)
9:00 AM to 100:00 PM (Saturdays)
Contact no.: 09273658827
Reboot camp fitness logo
Get fit, don't quit

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  1. Hello, after reading this amazing piece of writing i am as well delighted to share my
    knowledge here with friends.

  2. I was going to boot camp for awhile and really did love it (except for my nemesis: the battle ropes). I really need sign up again and start going regularly!

    1. Great to know! You can do the battle ropes here too!

  3. Nakupo gustu kuna talaga mag gym sa lagay nato! Nakaka motivate mag gym pag ganito yung nakikita mo HAHAHAHHAHA Kidding Gym nako next week!

  4. I like that they post the whiteboard for tips and ideas for different exercises. I used to use similar equipment when I was a member of the Y (fitness club).

  5. You must be enjoying yourself so far at the gym, exercising at your own pace and also, getting to understand how the gym started.! I also want to go to the gym consistently some day.

    1. Consistency is key! An everyday battle really.

  6. Gyms are very importand to find and go to. It is a way to stay healthy and happy!

  7. If I was younger, I would be there lifting weights and toning my muscles. I guess I should leave that up to my sons who are both very active in sports. It does look like a nice gym. The equipment looks well maintained and the place is clean.

  8. Kristine Nicole AlessandraNovember 24, 2019 at 9:42 PM

    The membership fee is not that bad considering the equipment and the facilities the gym offers. I will let my brother know about this place. Even if it is not really close to where he lives, he can still drive to the place and get serious about burning off that baby fat he's been carrying around for decades!

    1. Yes Kristine! Feel free to do that. I am sure it will help everyone as it is a win-win situation


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