9 fun things to do when in Singapore | Don't miss the 6th

This country is one of the most diversified countries I have ever been to so far in terms of culture and people. I may still have to know more about their own identity as comparing them to their Southeast Asian neighbors (even physically) but one thing is for sure, that they are doing a great job as a team. They are actually one of the most advanced in terms of technology on the continent and they are the most competitive too when education is concerned. Interesting right? Then let's know more about them below:

Ion Orchard
Ion Orchard

Well, I made a list for you guys to easily understand better the places to visit and some of the things to do on your next visit to Singapore (and make it a bit exciting). I hope you like them. Haha! We were so blessed to be traveling with some of our relatives here so please bear with them for now. lol.

1. Roam & Enjoy Changi airport

inside Changi airport
"H" enjoying Changi

Aside from that it's full of visually appealing aesthetics and many well-designed gardens which is very unlikely compared to the other airports to have, Changi is the only airport I also know where you can take a slide as an option if you're bored to take the escalator. FUN! The place is also filled with entertainment choices such as movie theatres, interesting scientific displays, playgrounds, spas, virtual gaming systems, and open lounges, aside from the countless shops and restaurants we are used to - making it a great place to be stuck, well, not really. Haha! I don't want my flight to be late but such things make the situation feel lighter. And now that it recently opened the doors for its new marvel "Jewel Changi", a giant man-made 360° waterfall, I might make that stopover just to see it in person. Wahaha!

2. Visit Ion street - Orchard road

Ion street
Guys! position in 1.. 2.. 3.. 

This street is famous for having this iconic ION Orchard Mall housing some of the luxurious international brands and standing proud with its world-class beauty and architecture (it lights at night too). By the way, if you happen to see an ice cream vendor within the area, try one of their sandwich ice creams. It was one of my best yet.

3. Shop at Bugis

Bugis is the answer

If you are looking for a place where to spend your money? Bugis is the answer. From food, specialty stores, general merchandise, street market, trendy fashion clothes, to local delicacies.. You name it, Bugis have it. One of the must-visit shops here? Of course, the dollar store. Yes, it's here. I even found some branded chocolates here more affordable compared to the Philippines. A great find indeed, 

4. Experience the ever-present Chinatown

Chinatown Singapore
Chinatown Singapore

Your Southeast Asian tour will not be complete without passing by a Chinese-cultured area. But hey, why not. Their classic in striking-red temples makes a good picture. And make sure to try one of their street foods there to glaze the experience. Feel the authenticity. What?! Haha!

5. Drop by Little India & Arab street

Singapore's Little India & Arab street
Singapore's Little India & Arab street

Good thing I like spicy foods! Yes! Its time! Haha! If you are game to do something new, go and eat here. You just might find your new favorite dish here like the Biryani-style of cooking (ooh-la-la) and those chili-hot Indian rice. Man, I am craving right now, delicious! If not, enjoy the view of their Indian temple architectures and hear the bell ring as they routinely do.

6. Try the local favorite Hainanese Chicken

Hainanese chicken
Hawker Chan's Hainanese chicken

Do not go out of this country without trying one. The locally-made Hainanese chicken here has magic. lol. Kidding aside, it really is something. My first try was a so-so (just fine) one but I was looking for it from time to time after that. The good news is that it is served even to some local food courts scattered around the area. The bad news? You'll miss it when you go back home. Awwww.. 

7. Don't miss the Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore - Jurassic Park ride
Who will be eaten first?! Wahaha!

Even though I already visited a few Universal Studios (Hollywood and Japan), I still enjoy going here because aside from that I am an adrenaline junkie, I get to lose weight just by shouting! lol. Well, amusement parks for me never get old. It's always a great way to spend fun times laughing and creeping each other out.

NOTE: If you are traveling here by train, Siloso beach is just a few stations away. You might want to relax a bit from all those chaos that had happened earlier. OR, if you want even more happenings, you can try the indoor sky diving platform near this beach. Let's get it on!

Siloso beach
What are we DOING?!

If you want to see more pictures about what happened here, watch the video below. Haha! What a waste of time. #punchmeafter #crazypeople

8. Nature-tripping at Gardens by the Bay

This should be the highlight of the whole Singapore visit as you explore the pride area of the country. Gardens by the bay is literally many gardens beside a Bay. But for now, we focus on the two main highlights of the place which are the following:

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest waterfall
Enjoying there Symphony?

The vicinity is a man-made, fully air-conditioned, and enclosed area where different plants and trees can be found. It boasts a 35-meter waterfall (one of many) that sprinkles water to all its visitors upon entering. Haha! It's just a bit, don't worry. Unless you stay where it falls then go ahead and take your bath there.

If you are not afraid of heights, hanging trails can be traversed nearing a hundred feet for everyone to dare. To be honest, it was looking like it was not really that high from below.. but wait until you get to the platform. Surprise! Haha! 

Cloud Forest hanging trails
Hanging walking trails

Supertree Grove

Supertree Grove
Feeling a little little, chicken little

These gigantic, alien-looking, and mechanical trees are just stunning to see in-person. I remember seeing them for the first time in a photo of a friend and I asked that friend of mine "Hey man, what planet are you in at?". Haha!

I suggest you guys visiting them at night since a lights and music show happens every night for everybody to enjoy. If you want to see them up-close, a platform is also available so you can traverse from one Supertree to another and get that incredible selfie of yours.

9. Gazing at Marina Bay Sands

This is Singapore

We actually walked all of this off. We were all there a while ago on the other side of the land and now we're here on the other side of the bay. If you are planning to burn your time, you should do it too as you'll pass by 3 great places as rewards including:

The Marina Bay Sands Mall - which has a freaking water canal inside

I am hungry

The Helix bridge - where you get dizzy & disoriented while taking a jog (haha!)

ngingiti-ngiti lang yan pero pagod na pagod na mga yan

And the Iconic Merlion

who you shooting at?

Okay. Let's stop here. I am getting tired while writing that we are getting tired of walking around the area. Haha! If I remember it correctly, Melody, our cousin, recorded thousands of steps that were done by all of us that day (which made tita's leg cramp)! Whew! Just by merely thinking of that makes me feel a bit heavy right now - for real. Well, if you want to see more of our tiring Singapore walking trip, you are free to watch this video below:

If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

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  1. Great post. Lots to see and do in Singapore. Supertree Grove looks amazing!

  2. Wow so amazing thanks for sharing

  3. oh my god, looks absolutely amazing. i think i will love it there if i go there

  4. Those are activities I'd love to do when I visit Singapore...especially eat all the delish food I see there.

  5. This looks great. Looks like it’s had a lot of fun. Would love to visit.

  6. I would love to visit here someday. So amazing. I plant on travelling to as many places as I can when this is over. Love your pictures, they're stunning.

    1. Appreciated your comment! Hang on, this pandemic will be over soon

  7. I would LOVE to visit Singapore one day. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to put these on my future tip plans.

  8. Looks like so much fun! Great tips and love your descriptions of each one.

  9. I have been to Singapore and seen few places too. I would.lobe to boat again sometime and see other places too.

  10. Kristine Nicole AlessandraApril 26, 2020 at 4:42 AM

    Singapore is such a lovely place to visit. I have not been there but I have been reading a lot it. Hopefully when this pandemic is over, we can resume our travel plans. I'd love to spend a few days there after I've visited my second home - Taoyuan and Taipei.

    1. Yes! After this pandemic... it'll be over sooooon

  11. My brother and sister in law stay in singapore and I visit them once a year, I must say that this is a lovely place to visit. Singapore is entirely beautiful.

  12. My family and I love Singapore! We were there six years ago and enjoyed the food and the culture so much.

  13. I've often heard that Singapore is a really nice place but I've never been there. Nice post between.

    1. You should visit at least once I guess? Worth the effort.

  14. Great pics! The Ion street look so cool! Thanks for sharing!

    1. So cool esp when you are there in-person! ;)


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