Steak food trip at Brickfire (review) | Lilac street, Marikina

We all have our own comfort food whether it's by what we are used to eating, how we were raised, or simply by choice. It is the one we usually crave for when we are sad, happy, or we just feel like it. For this post, it's steak time! Often, steak is paired with the word expensive or luxurious because of its price, but what if I told you we found a food establishment that serves it at an affordable price to satisfy that craving, lets? lets.

Cowgirl Annie (plain steak) at Brickfire
Cowgirl Annie (plain steak)
We decided to eat at Brickfire - Lilac street, Marikina Heights after playing a staggering 4 hrs. of non-stop badminton games at Katipunan Prime. Brickfire has many branches especially in Quezon City area and they are known for serving these sumptuous yet affordable meats, of course, especially when it comes to steaks. 

Its quarantine season so them being open at this given time is a blessing for people who are craving for such treats. But man, we are soo ready for anything right now as we are dead tired from the games we had.

inside Brickfire Lilac street
Brickfire - Lilac street interior

Even though the place is quite small, it feels comfy inside. The lighting is good and the interior is actually pretty nice. We were temperature checked and sanitizers are provided at the entrance in compliance with the proper hygiene standards while the pandemic is going on.

Carlo being the lead steak hunter (lol), ordered for the group their flagship product cowgirl annie, the steak meal (plain), and yes, for each of us. "Eh kung ganito tayo parati wag mo na kami iwan, forever.. wahaha!". We were also offered to try their hickory chicken wings which we did not decline. It looks like we are in for another fight and our tummies are excited!

steak doneness
steak doneness

* If you want to see their full menu (prices included), see it in the video below so make sure to watch it.

As the friendly staff kept us company on serving the ice-cold water and some of the utensils we needed, not that long our orders were served with lightning speed. Good job Brickfire! Keep this great service all the way. =)

Cowgirl Annie (plain steak) and hickory chicken wings
Ready to attack? (I think there is no need to ask)

Good thing I had the chance to take this photo as these were murdered in minutes literally after I took the shot. Knowing the value AND price of what you ate versus the satisfaction it brings, it always not only tastes good but feels good when the deal/exchange is nice. So do I think this is a good deal? It's actually a great deal.

hickory chicken wings
hickory chicken wings

Seriously, these chicken wings meal is a dark horse, they are so delicious that you'll forget your mama's name XD. Those flavored powder will light up your taste buds that you will be wanting for more and more and more. A great recommendation. I will surely order them the next time.

Brickfire is surely a great find for those of you who haven't tried them yet, well, for those who already eat here regularly, congrats on finding them. I am pretty sure Philip and Paolo would be ecstatic to go back here and try their other offerings, so, Carlo, kelan na ba ulet? Haha!

Group picture at Brickfire
Looks like we now know who can't wait haha

Here are some short clips of our visit inside Brickfire. Make sure to follow their accounts and take note of their contact details below for any changes especially about their operations as we adapt to this new normal. Have fun watching the footage as it slightly turns into a semi mukbang video. LOL

If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Location: 75 G/F Bennt III bldg. Lilac street, Marikina City 1800
Operating days: Monday to Sunday
Operating hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Contact Nos.: (02) 8 400-50-88
Brickfire Lilac logo
bakin' awesome!

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Steak food trip at Brickfire (review) | Lilac street, Marikina Steak food trip at Brickfire (review) | Lilac street, Marikina Reviewed by Michael on July 13, 2020 Rating: 5


  1. Steak, my husbands loves his meat and steak is one of his favs for sure...he would love this

  2. A good steak is such a joy to me. I am pretty bad at cooking it so I am super excited to visit my favorite steak place later on this week

    1. Haha! A good food to eat from time to time eh?

  3. Now that's what I call steak and the wings look incredible. Chicken wings are literally my weakness. Looks like a great spot.

    1. same sentiments with the chicken wings Jo.

  4. I love steak! This looks really succulent and delicious.Backfire seems to be really firing the steak at the back. :D

  5. Kristine Nicole AlessandraJuly 14, 2020 at 5:30 AM

    The place isn't too far from my home. Looks like those steaks are really good. We will definitely visit Brickfire once this health crisis is over, or at least, better managed and controlled.

  6. So many restaurants and businesses are adapting to this new normal. I haven't ventured out to a restaurant so far. Which is probably a good thing as everything just locked down again here!

  7. I no longer eat red meat but I'm sure you guys must have had a good time trying out this restaurant. Hope you did it safely.

  8. Great to promote local businesses especially at thia touch times. Those steaks looks superb.

    1. <3 always my pleasure to contribute something helpful. hehe

  9. Wow! That is quite a steak. Do they have vegetarian options?


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