How to make a tomato-based nacho dip

I like cheese in pizzas, burgers, and pastas, but seldom with my nachos.. well, if there is no other option, I will, but when dips and sauces are concerned (just for me), tomato-based will always win. For now, I will share with you guys our homemade nacho dip recipe which is to crave for. I literally destroy bags of nacho chips when we make this and to think that this contains a lot of vegetables esp. tomatoes, who would not want that, right?

tomato-based nacho dip
tomato-based nacho dip

Never have I imagined that this is just this easy to make. The ingredients are simple and very accessible to have. You even might have all the items you need right now in your kitchen. Here is the video below. I hope you find it useful/helpful.
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- Tomato paste 
- Chopped tomatoes
- Chopped white onions
- Chopped red bell pepper
- Butter
- Chicken broth (cubes)
- Salt
- Pepper
- Water (to balance its consistency)

Optional for this version:
- Green chili (Jalapeno is the perfect choice)

Kitchen utensils:

- Slicing board
- Knife
- Cooking pan
- Spatula
- Container bowls

Step by step process:

1. Heat the cooking pan.
2. Melt the butter
3. Saute the veggies then add the seasonings and the flavorings
4. Mix it a little and wait for the veggies to be cooked
5. Finish it by adding some amount of water for your desired dip texture
6. Then let it simmer for some minutes

homemade nacho dip ingredients
homemade nacho dip ingredients

A simple dip like this is a game-changer for me when it comes to eating esp. with snacks. And just to share, there is an entire industry making tons of profit creating different dips like this for different kinds of food that has flourished over the years. They are not just as noisy as the others but they are there, there are there..

Well, do you have your own recipe of dip that you would like to talk about or share? Feel free to do so in our comment section below.

cooking nacho dip (tomato-based)
cooking nacho dip (tomato-based)

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