Yellow Lantern Cafe review - Overlooking Antipolo

I wonder why they named this cafe yellow lantern? Haha! Kidding! If your favorite color is yellow, likes yellow lanterns, yellow flowers, yellow lights, and yellow things surrounding you, I bet you'll love this place. Well, those are not the only things they offer so make sure to read more below.

overlooking seats at Yellow lantern cafe
overlooking seats

Our search for overlooking places while dining has just begun and where could be the best place to start that journey but here in Antipolo, right? Who would not want to eat with a view? Well, it's definitely not me but those who are afraid of heights are exempted, of course, lol.

So Yellow Lantern Cafe is just right above Masinag area where the start of the climb to Antipolo begins. It is just beside the castle-like structure which you'll not miss seeing on the way up. Parking spaces are provided but it's quite limited if you'll ratio it to the establishments around so I highly suggest going here on a weekday.

yellow lantern cafe signage
welcoming signage

Sanitation protocols are well-observed as we still go through this pandemic. Safety first, as always.
sanitation area
sanitation area

There was a queue when we arrived but the phasing was quite fast so it was not that long when we get to enter inside, besides, filling the contact tracing forms and all the other pandemic factors add to it so it's all understood.

inside yellow lantern cafe 1
welcome to Yellow Lantern Cafe

You will be presented with most things yellow here which is why the name. It is like a mini garden inside where you'll find yellow sunflowers, yellow lanterns, yellow chairs, and yellow bird cages. Well, it's your yellow back garden indeed.

floral table
floral table

everything yellow
everything yellow

But, the good thing about this yellow back garden is that you can eat here! Haha! What a surprise?! lol. They serve all-day foods here including our all-day pinoy breakfast, pizzas and pastas, soups and juices with their own specials. This is called a cafe too so they also serve hot drinks, frappes, and some cake pastries and ice creams for dessert.

What we have tried here is their EmCaRo Pizza (one of their specials) priced at P395 which is surprisingly crunchy even though its thick, was delicious,

emcaro pizza by Yellow Lantern Cafe
EmCaRo pizza

And each of us some shakes and drinks for some refreshments priced at around P185 each. I felt like a kid receiving this frappe but that chocolate wafer stick is just a perfect combo for this treat. Can I have some more, please! Haha!

hazelnut frappe by Yellow Lantern Cafe
hazelnut frappe

Now we go to the main feature of why we were here in the first place, the overlooking view! Eating with this kind of view will always be satisfying and relaxing.

Yellow Lantern Cafe overlooking view
overlooking view at Yellow Lantern Cafe

Though some shade might be needed depending on the time of your visit but still, having this kind of scenery while eating is always worth it. Well, unless you have this kind of everyday view at your house. ;)

outdoor window area
outdoor window area

overlooking dining at Yellow Lantern Cafe
overlooking dining

It's something different to experience and I bet the night scene would be a totally different meet. They actually have a bar as well so they also serve some alcohol and wines which would be the market for the night people.

We went here on a Sunday so we were jam-packed. It looks like they are doing very well despite the pandemic which means they are executing competently why people keep going back. Great job Yellow Lantern Cafe.

inside Yellow Lantern Cafe 2
inside Yellow Lantern Cafe

So, if you want to say "Hi" to this cute sunflower, maybe scheduling your visit now would help.

sunflower at yellow lantern cafe
sunflower greetings

Here are some video clips from our visit.

(if you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it)

Address: 267 Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City
Operating hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 11:00AM to 8:00PM
Contact nos.: 8-631-56-48, 0923-447-1158, or 0927-425-2920
yellow lantern cafe logo
Feel at home with us

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Yellow Lantern Cafe review - Overlooking Antipolo Yellow Lantern Cafe review - Overlooking Antipolo Reviewed by Michael on March 01, 2021 Rating: 5


  1. I don't think I ever saw a cafe with so many lamps and lanterns. It does look like a snazzy place to meet, the food looks yummy and I am surprised that you are allowed to go to the cafe without a mask.

    1. Definitely a must-try at least once. Oh, about the masks.. We were all wearing face masks and face shield but of course we have to take it off once we are sitting on the table already. =)

  2. Oh my, I am in LOVE! Yellow is *such* a happy colour, I can't help but smile when I look at these photos ☺️ I need to get some of those chairs for my house, honestly! I love ALL things colourful - my house is like walking into a rainbow, seriously - so they would be perfect for me. The food looks good too, but I'd honestly still go either way just for the decor 😂🙌

    1. I can feel you just by reading this! Glad this brought you happiness in someway.

  3. Aw how lovely is this place! Such a cute cafe and the food and the drinks look so tasty too x

  4. This looks just like a nice, cozy cafe... the type that I'd love to visit! The food also looks interesting.

    1. Thanks for visiting Shar. Glad you liked it.

  5. the place looks wonderful! Very happy cafe, I would definitely enjoy a date there

  6. What a cute space! I feel like it would totally lift my spirits being in there.

  7. Looks like such a great welcoming space to eat and chat with friends. That frappe looks delicious!

    1. sipping that frappe was glorious. The last time I had one was like centuries ago lol

  8. I would love to visit the Yellow Cantern Cafe! The food and the atmosphere look amazing!

  9. This place looks really wonderful.


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