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As we continue our cryptocurrency journey and play-to-earn investing, let me introduce to you my second blockchain game investment. My initial thoughts about this game changed big time because I had the opportunity to start playing the game for FREE and so can you! Who knew owning dragons can be this awesome?!


Dragonary is an NFT-based (non-fungible token) game in the form of dragons. Well, this is a step closer to becoming that dragon tamer/rider dream a reality and even more. Just like my Axie review, let me include this phrase below and start this blog post listing the things you need to kick things off on breeding your first dragon.

P.S. This is a simple review where I hope to explain things using simple words so doing your own research regarding things you don't understand here is highly recommended.

Dragonary home screen
home screen

These are the basic things you need to do to start that exciting dragon adventure:

1. Register on the Coinary hub through this link using your Gmail or Facebook account.

2. Create a Metamask account. You need this cryptocurrency wallet to support transfers to and from your Coinary hub and Binance account.

3. Funding your Coinary hub account, you need to load your Binance account (link given below) and use 3rd party converters such as Pancake, Ape, and Baby Swaps. There are many ways to do this but I will share what I personally did.  I created accounts on the following platforms too:

Binance - cryptocurrency exchange platform
Coins.ph - local online wallet (used this to withdraw earnings)
GCash - mobile funds or Globe cash (will be used to buy cryptocurrency)

The short version of the procedure:

- Loaded my GCash wallet
- Bought BNB on Binance via P2P (person-to-person) using the GCash funds
- Transfer the BNB assets from Binance to Metamask
- Converted BNB to CYT (Coinary Token) on Metamask using Apeswap
- Transfer CYT assets from Metamask to Coinary hub account

Now, since you already have the currency (CYT) needed to participate in the Coinary hub marketplace, visit the site and buy your dragons! 

Dragonary marketplace

There are currently 5 account levels in the game that are based on rarities which are the following: 

* Common (Free to start)
* Uncommon (Free to start)

* Rare
* Epic
* Legendary

* Mythical (not implemented yet)

NOTE: You need to have at least 3 dragons with the highest AND same rarity to achieve that account rarity/level. For example, to achieve that uncommon account, you need to have at least 3 uncommons dragons.. and the same rule applies to all the other rarities.

account rarity
account rarity

Now, to start playing, download the game launcher HERE. You will be given 3 random common dragons to start with and work your way up from there. Dragons have different statistics and abilities depending on their element and you can check the list HERE.

For the breeding of dragons, "dracos" and "embers" are needed which can be obtained from fighting on the ember game mode. From common to rare, 2 dragons can be used to breed and produce a new dragon with higher stats. However, from epic to mythical, you'll be needing to fuse 5 lower rarity dragons to form a new dragon with a higher rarity. For example, 5 rare dragons must be fused to obtain an epic dragon.. and the same principle applies to all the other HIGHER rarities.

The gameplay is quite easy and simple. You only need to assign dragons to a specific formation then battle. You can set the battle on "auto" and/or "2x faster" if you want to finish the battles faster.. The max level of dragons varies depending on their rarity and you can level them by fighting the "history" game mode - the only game mode that does not require any energy.

Dragonary game modes
different game modes

Dragonary game play
game play

So how do you earn here? By simply achieving the 1,000 obsidians daily. When you complete this, you will receive a specific amount of CYT when the game resets - daily (will reflect on your Coinary hub account that is transferable from your in-game minted tokens to your Coinary hub wallet every 15 days).

Coinary hub
Coinary hub

The amount of CYT reward will depend on your account's rarity.. the higher your account level is, the better the reward, of course. So how can you obtain those obsidians? By fighting on the following game modes:

> ember mission (200 per won battle), energy required: 10
> dungeon fight (500 per won fight), energy required: 20

FYI: You have 80 energy per day that recharges overtime

cave (obsidians)
cave (obsidians in the alchemy) - now found in the homescreen

With the conversion procedure given above, we just need to do it backward and add the Coins.ph transfer when cashing out converting the cryptocurrencies coming from the Binance account to PHP. You can actually earn too by competing on the weekly leaderboards for dungeons & PVP and trading other in-game items in the marketplace just like the dragon embers and dragon accessories (items) but those can be tackled on a separate post.

Dragonary leaderboard

Dragonary PVP

As of the moment, I continue to finish the daily task which is obtaining the 1,000 obsidians per day in just like playing the game for 15 to 30 minutes every single day. And since my current account is at epic rarity, I consider this grind a good opportunity because I enjoy playing the game (while earning) and it fits my schedule's system.

Just to share a quick story.. when I started playing Dragonary, my initial target rarity was rare. But when I accomplished hitting rare, I kind of thought epic was still doable. Now that I am at epic, to be honest, I am still considering hitting legendary! Crazy, right?! #hooked

A special shoutout to my good friend Jez who was the first one to introduce the game to me via featuring it on her "my days" and Calad Gaming, a gaming streamer, who inspired and led me to try Dragonary while watching his streams.

Dragonary chest rewards
chest rewards

P.S. Some of my favorite updates they have done on the game are the slot machine-style of rewards after finishing a game mode battle and this chest reward system that makes obtaining the rewards more exciting!

So, don't miss out and start your Dragonary quest now! Make that dream of becoming a dragon owner happen and let me share all the loots with you here.

Anyways, I'll update you guys when my ROI is achieved. I actually had the opportunity to start my dragon adventure on the last days of their first live month and worked my way up slowly. I already saw so many updates and improvements along the way and I appreciate all the efforts behind those. Remember, Axie worked its way up too before hitting those record-breaking performances and I think Dragonary's team can do it too.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this review. I actually don't play video games so a lot of this is new to me. And from a beginner's standpoint, I love how you laid out your review so that anyone who wanted to play this game can easily get started.

    Maureen | www.littlemisscasual.com

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  8. I played the game. It was good for me.

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