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Surprising your loved one with treats and thoughtful gifts any day has been made possible by their service. Well, giving gifts on special occasions like birthdays, monthsaries, anniversaries, to even simple celebrations, and what more to extra special days like Valentine's is something to appreciate, right? But did you know that you can do it all in just a few clicks away now?

flowerstoreph x michaelshut
floral and gift items by flowerstoreph is the one that I am talking about. They are an online gift store that provides affordable gifts as per the occasion or any kind of celebration while offering same-day delivery. They specialize in flowers, bouquets, and even plants (succulents to be exact), but not limited to that. They also offer floral and gift items, sweet goodies and chocolate treats, healthy snacks, fruit baskets, stuffed toys, pieces of jewelry, and deliver wines with special notes on them. How convenient and thoughtful, huh? web store web store

I had the opportunity to collaborate with them and test their service as an early treat for my mom this coming Valentine's and they delivered big time! All you need to do is simply register on their site and you can now start making your personalized surprise/delivery with ease. You can even use your existing Gmail account for this. best sellers
best sellers

Add to cart the items you want to order, then proceed on checking out. After that, simply finish the forms required for the transaction by making sure all the details are correct including the product quantities, delivery date and time, special message and/or instructions for the rider, and all the recipient and sender specifics.

There is even an option here where you can be an anonymous sender to spice things up a bit if you want to. lol! checkout page
checkout page

Their payment terms and methods are also convenient as you can select on the following alternatives: cash on delivery (COD), bank deposit, credit/debit cards, paypal, gcash, grabpay, or paymaya

And that's it! A truly hassle saver and a very convenient service making surprises happen when and how you wanted it to be. 

items delivered by flowerstoreph
items delivered

Just to give you some examples of their current offerings, here are 5 of them:

1. Rose Diffuser - This enchanting preserved rose diffuser is the perfect gift of everlasting love. A red rose encased in a dome oil diffuser with LED lights.

rose diffuser
rose diffuser

2. Sunburst - A beautiful and cheery bouquet of pink, white, and violet two-toned blooms with a sunny sunflower. This assortment includes a selection of the best Spring season flowers: mums, carnations, and/or clusters.


3. Rose Crystal Box - A red rose encased in a ring box. It is made from real flowers that went through a sophisticated preservation process.

rose crystal box
rose crystal box

4. Pink Eternal Love Box - We've searched for a more sustainable arrangement that will last for years and we've finally found the... eternal flowers! This is made of high quality soy wax and is created to have a texture of a real rose. Surprise compartment comes with a 6 pcs Ferrero Rocher!

pink eternal love box
pink eternal love box

5. 3 Words - Express your love the subtle but meaningful way with our 3 Words arrangement that is encased in our elegant packaging!

3 words
3 words

So upon using their service.. I was happy, mom was happy, and I am pretty sure you will also be happy with my little surprises here below:

* This Valentine's period from January 25 - February 14, 2022, FREE nationwide delivery using the various payment options given above (including cash payments) are implemented.

* Use this discount e-code MICHAELV15 to enjoy a 15% savings capped at P150 valid from January 25 - February 28, 2022, only.

* Don't miss their Grand Valentine's Giveaway with known brands HERE.

bouquet of flowers from flowerstoreph
bouquet of flowers

NOTE: You can also order thru alternative ways like making a phone call or via email. Check the information given below for more details:

And with all this, I hope YOU ALSO can make someone happy today by sharing this service with others or even better yet, letting them experience the service itself. Make this moment count and utilize them now.

Contact nos.: 28 539 14 88 logo

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  1. been ordering my last my gifts from them and they never dissapointed me. their deliveries are on time and packed properly.

  2. Wow i like to try this especially the rose diffuser .. it was so cute and I love it perfect gift for my friends.

  3. dream ko makareceive ng love box! but ill check this out to buy something for my mom!

  4. this is very timely. mag vavalentines na and a lot of sweet orders are coming their way, I'm sure.

  5. That is a lovely bouquet! Tamang tama ito for us here abroad, and use their services to send surprises for our family back home.

  6. I was looking for an online flower shop in the Philippines where I can order and send flower to friend but saw this late. But anyway, I love the bouquet! I might use their services next time.


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