The Upper Deck (TUD) badminton

Have you ever experienced playing badminton with an overlooking view? Well, the search is over as this place will let you experience THAT with even more surprising stuff. And by the way, you just might share the court with some of the top local celebrities here in the country.

TUD parking lot
roof deck parking lot

The Upper Deck (commonly called TUD) sports is located on the 6th floor of the Ortigas Techopoint One building in Pasig City. Upper Deck is actually a one-stop lifestyle hub for recreational sports like basketball and badminton but not limited to that. They also have a diving swimming pool, a wall climbing facility, a fitness gym, a cycling studio, and even a spa as options depending on your preference.

For now, let's focus on badminton. Their 7 taraflex flooring badminton courts are up for use and they are so fine not only for the eyes but also good for your performance. Why? Because the floor feels light and jumpy and you know what I mean if you regularly play the sport. It's always either wood or taraflex, not wood over taraflex.

badminton courts (Upper Deck)
badminton courts (Upper Deck)

Additionally, behind those wooden blinds are stunning views of the city. So if you need to have a quick glance outside as rest from a hard game, just simply flip them a little and enjoy the overlooking view.

We usually play here around afternoon times until night and it is actually a perfect time for a lot of things. Aside from the food bar located on the same floor, there are a lot of food establishments on the ground floor too including other restaurants, convenience stores, coffee places, and even some shopping sites.

* watch the video below for more details about the other establishments around

upperdeck food bar
food bar

food bar overlooking views (upperdeck)
overlooking views

Their restroom and changing room with lockers are quite neat as well but my favorite feature here would be the water fountain that is free to use. Who would not want an unlimited drinkable water supply that would let me just bring at least a single water container and refill it V.S. bring a big water jug, right? Lol.

restroom (upperdeck)

changing room (upperdeck)
changing room

Most of the time, you'll encounter local badminton (university) and basketball (professional league) teams here since the place feels a little bit exclusive in a good way attracting even celebrities like Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, and Joshua Garcia play here too, occasionally. The place also has experience in hosting local and international tournaments and FDG CUP Badminton is one of them. Impressive stuff!

ACs are used accordingly (when needed, scheduled, or reserved) so the playing environment here is good making the condition maintenance of the place high and very recommendable. Great job Upper Deck!

Upper Deck badminton
Upper Deck badminton

They also practice all the safety and proper pandemic protocol that would at least take away one of the worries if you are thinking about that. And the overall vibe of the place is very impressive making me not wonder if you'll either be a regular in this place or make this one of your all-time favorite sports spots after your first visit.
So, if you want to book or reserve court(s) at any given time, feel free to use the given information below. Their current rates are published on the link of their Instagram profile. Well, feel free to let me know if this changes.

P.S. I am looking forward to trying that wall climbing the soonest, haha!

The Upper Deck
The Upper Deck

clips inside The Upper Deck badminton
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: Roof Deck Ortigas Technopoint Parking Building, #1 Julia Vargas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig 
Operating hours: 9:00AM to 9:00PM
Contact nos.: 0919-0834142


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The Upper Deck (TUD) badminton The Upper Deck (TUD) badminton Reviewed by Michael on March 05, 2022 Rating: 5


  1. It is like two birds in one shot - enjoy playing/watching badminton, and enjoy the gorgeous view on the deck. The amenities are impressive too.

  2. TUD's amenities are impressive. I hope visit the place someday not for badminton but for the amazing views at the top.

  3. oh wow, the upper deck is amazing...The amenities are just amazing. I would love to check it out.

  4. this looks very inviting. siguro perfect time to play at dusk then wait for night time to fall and watch those night lights while relaxing.

  5. That’s great for employees around the area who need a quick badminton game!!

  6. That’s great for employees around the area who need a quick badminton game!! Checking this out when I return in the office!

  7. This place looks amazing! And a lot of fun. I wish they had something like that here!!

  8. This sounds strange to me lol, maybe it;s because I am not a fan of the badminton game.

  9. I wish I live near this sports center. Also the view is really nice while playing your sport

  10. This is right up our alley. Basketball is life over here right now.

  11. Oh wow what a cool place to play badminton! It's been years since I've played it but would love to go here and play with a view!!

    Laura x

  12. That sounds like a great place to visit and have a great time playing with friends.

  13. Ohhh woww The place is so beautiful and amazing
    Enjoy maglaro ng badminton plus the View Din🫶🏻 ❤️

  14. Ohh Wowww ,ang ganda ng View at enjoy Kapa maglaro Ng Badminton Here
    Super ganda Ito Puntahan With Friends


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