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I remember searching for an online game to play that is fun and simple to access, easy to play that doesn't need logging in or creating an account, and being educational would be a plus. Thank you, Lord! I think I already found the perfect site that would help me on this matter.

Solitaire site

I stumbled upon and discovered that they have word games! I mean, yes, their main featured game is playing the solitaire card game but if you look closer and check their menu carefully, they actually offer a lot more games than what I initially expected. And boy, I was happy to see the selection from the word games category!

other word games
other word games

P.S. I really enjoy playing word games because it only does not entertain me but also helps me with my vocabulary and exercise my mind from time to time.


crossword by solitaire
crossword by solitaire

The crossword game is just filling up the boxes with your answers in relation to the clues given on the left corner of the window. The letter turns green when it's correct while it turns red when it's not. As correct answers start to pile up, some letters can cross the other words giving you more clues to completing the board.

- System -

> Different puzzle sizes are selected before starting 
> Instructions are given below the board
> The site remembers your game even if you go out of the site
> The site tracks how long the puzzle is being worked on

- Buttons -

(from left to right)

1. Pause, holds the time
2. Restart, resets the game
3. Music, on & off
4. Sound effects, on & off
5. Fullscreen, maximizes window size

* The "Date" is clickable if you want a play a different group set

I always try to answer the easiest ones first so more letter clues are given on the board. It's always exciting when some words are slowly being exposed but it also gets so irritating when I can't solve it even if so many letters are already given! Do you feel me here?! Haha! Usually when that happens, it's out of my vocabulary so I get to learn a new one! Still happy! LOL

Word Search

word search by solitaire
word search by solitaire

This one is just basically searching the given words from the left box TO here on the main letter box. When you successfully found one by highlighting it, a new word comes up until all words are completely found.

P.S. You will see some of the words here in advance but you can only cross them out once they appear on word search on the left box.

It's so satisfying to find those elusive words, especially the ones that are arranged backward. I feel so intelligent. Haha!

Letter Scramble

letter scramble by solitaire
letter scramble by solitaire

For this game, simply form words while each letter is given one by one. The longer the word, the higher the score acquired. It has 3 levels and the goal count (per word formed) goes higher accordingly.

Well, these 3 are just some of the games they are offering but I am already ecstatic to have found them. I am sure to play these games from time to time because of how user-friendly their site is. It's free and access easy which is quite rare to find nowadays because everyone is collecting data and requiring membership online.

So thanks! I hope you can continue to make free word games available.

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  1. I love Solitaire, I used to play it all the time. Thank you so so i know how i am gonna spend the next couple of hours lol....

  2. If am not mistaken, my old laptop or desktop computer has this default game installed. I like to play it just to spend my downtime with this fun game.

  3. ito yung game na always nka defaul it PC and Laptop

  4. Games are so addicting! Brings back childhood!

  5. Oh I just love word games and solitaire. I'm so glad you posted this blog about this game. I'll definitely check it out.


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