Chewy chocolate chip cookies by Nigel Baker

One of my comfort foods is definitely chocolate chip cookies and if you want to put a cherry on top of that, make it chewy/chunky and it will almost be irresistible for me not to give in. I usually crave some when I try to reward myself upon getting my wins (small or big) just like what happened after receiving my first Google Adsense payout almost 3 years ago. Wow, that was 3 years ago?! Man, time flies. Anyway, I recently and randomly craved some chocolate chip cookies and I can't help but share their masterpieces that are just my ideal cookie.

chewy chocolate chip cookies
chewy chocolate chip cookies

This is not the healthiest decision (lol) and not a popular choice but it just fits my expectation. A special shoutout to my friend Roan who featured their cookies on her "my day" leading me to discover them and to the Facebook group Let's Eat Pare where they are also one of the official vendors there.

These delicious and sumptuous cookies are from Nigel Baker. I bought a box containing 18 pcs. of their original (classic) chewy chocolate chip cookies for P280 and it was a deal worth the wait. To be honest, I was just expecting some ordinary chocolate chip cookies that look super nice in their advertisements and will actually be a level down when delivered.. A level down in terms of the number of chocolate chips and/or choco fudge used plus the chewiness of the cookies tend to change over time.. But surprisingly, their's don't and fulfill what you see on their advertisement materials and deliver even more.

nigel baker cookies
Nigel Baker cookies

Things I liked

> You get what you see V.S. their promotional materials used
> The taste fits the price (no regrets after buying)
> The sizes of the cookies are perfect (not small and not intimidatingly big)

will be talking more about these below but will include them here:

> There is chocolate on every bite
> Still taste great either served warm or cold

warm cookies
heating the cookies

Before, I was thinking if anyone would create such a cookie where the chocolate part is bigger than the cookie.. Even though Nigel Baker's is just quite near to that expectation, the taste says otherwise. I literally get chocolate on every bite making my eating experience enjoyable a notch higher. And to add to that, the taste of the chocolate is premium. Two at the top of my list are Mrs. Fields and Chips Ahoy (chunky) and they are at the same level.

One of the surprises I encountered on eating it with long time intervals is that their cookies still tasted great even when I eat them after being refrigerated. I was really astonished that their cookies are still that chewy and the chocolate chips & chocolate parts were not that hard (maintaining that soft consistency) even when it's cold. It just tells that the quality of the ingredients used were really good and I really appreciate the effort behind that. Great job Nigel Baker! You deliver big time.

Nigel Baker treats
Nigel Baker treats

And speaking of deliver-y, you can place your order using this link

They are open for scheduled pick-ups and delivery of orders. But for the delivery, customers would be the ones to book and pay for everything. They are also available in Shopee if you prefer using this online shopping platform.

michael x nigel baker
enjoying the cookies

For improvements

I initially thought that they have their own delivery system but it seems they still depend on some 3rd party delivery services for the majority of their orders. Though I appreciate the options they already have, it will still be a game-changer when they'll have their own delivery with the COD (cash on delivery) mode of payment. Nonetheless, everything is great.

By the way, they also offer a lot of other products other than the chocolate chip cookies so feel free to visit their other social media accounts here below:

other products
other products

P.S. upon discovering them, I am so afraid that these temptations are getting closer and closer to having them in an instant. Mrs. Fields' distribution is limited while discounted chunky chips ahoy happen only once in while.. it seems Nigel Baker will now become a constant option.

Address: near brgy San Isidro, Cainta Rizal

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Chewy chocolate chip cookies by Nigel Baker Chewy chocolate chip cookies by Nigel Baker Reviewed by Michael on July 11, 2022 Rating: 5


  1. Man oh man, I need to get myself some of these decadent, delicious-looking chocolate chip cookies! I loved the photo inside the oven!

  2. These look amazing and I have to admit I was hoping you'd be giving us a recipe!

  3. this makes me crave sooo much! my sons love chocolate chip cookies, too! i would have to agree about well-made cookies, they taste even better after being refrigerated.

  4. Wow! That's very yummy and plus very cheap ha 250 for 18 pcs. I think If I'm there I'll gonna buy too!


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