Panda Express branch review at Green Meadows Ave.

We have always been a fan of this food place since we tasted it on one of our first trips abroad. Usually, this is our go-to place when we crave rice since that is not a staple food in other countries (especially when not in Asia). Its famous dish is the orange chicken so we decided to try it one day and see if it tasted the same as in its international branches.

orange chicken panda express
orange chicken

Panda Express is an American Chinese food restaurant that serves mostly Asian cuisines. The menu contains rice, noodles, and mixed veggies for its sides partnered with a variety of main dishes with choices from chicken, pork, fish, steak, and other Asian delicacies. 

If you want to taste the flavor of it's other offerings, you can choose the meal package that can carry more than one main dish. Its named "plate" or "bigger plate" in the menu picture here below where the "bowl" is considered the simplest order that can be availed.

panda express menu

We went here on a Sunday lunchtime so there were many people inside which were mostly Chinese and Korean guests (the area is near White Plains). Parking was a bit difficult and queues were present. But while waiting in line to order, dad managed to find a parking space and some guests were going out so we had a place to dine in.

Foods here are served fresh as they put everything on display straightly after being cooked. Orders are assembled accordingly on the spot as you make them. Feel free to see the selections first before lining up so you won't cause any delay when it's your turn to order (unless you already know what you want).

panda express actual food display
actual food display

We ordered the following items on their menu:

* 3 bowls (1 entree and 1 side)

- Orange chicken with chow mein
- Black pepper steak with mixed vegetables
- Mongolian pork with fried rice

Mongolian pork with fried rice
Mongolian pork with fried rice

Black pepper steak with mixed vegetables
Black pepper steak with mixed vegetables

Orange chicken with chow mein
Orange chicken with chow mein

My order, the Mongolian pork with fried rice, was good. I like that I can eat the vegetables with it which was paired well with the fried rice. Though the soy sauce flavor was somehow overpowering, each bite was flavorful which I liked so it was good enough for me. Mom's black pepper steak meat was soft and chewy while we all shared Dad's orange chicken. Haha! Actually, we shared our orders with each other so we can have a little taste of everything.

The taste and the serving size of the orange chicken were somehow less than what were expecting (including the chow mein). The sauce was not that thick and the flavor was less sweet. In some ways, I understand this because the authentic Chinese flavor is somehow really bland. But, since they carry the franchise, we were just expecting a closer taste from our previous experiences abroad.

panda express orders
our orders

But if you are to ask me, I still find them a good place to dine out, especially if you are craving some Asian cuisines. We haven't tried a lot of things on their menu yet but hopefully, we can on the next visit. I was actually also eyeing the "savory shrimp" that time but I depended too much on what my eyes saw moments before ordering.. so yeah, maybe next time. Hehe.

I rarely eat vegetables unless it's presented as chopseuy or inside a burger but this one is an exemption. So I am really looking forward to eating here more often so I can consume more vegetables and expect a healthier me.. Lol! Besides, calories are given on their menu per serving so that might help us compute for those extra we have to burn after eating - if you are even calculating.. XD

Snippets from our visit
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: 35, 1110 Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Bagumbayan, Quezon City
Contact no.: 02 8559 5491
Email Adress: [email protected]
Panda Express logo

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Panda Express branch review at Green Meadows Ave. Panda Express branch review at Green Meadows Ave. Reviewed by Michael on October 16, 2022 Rating: 5


  1. Omg wow must visit ang daming choices sa kanilang menu and tlga nman nkakatakam 🤤😍

  2. Super yummy Ng mga food nila matitikmamn dito Ang ang American and Chinese food na sure na magugustuhan talaga at nakakatuwa dahil makikita mo yung mga food dahil naka display talaga na sure na matatakam ka sa mga pagpipilian mo🤤🥰

  3. Ang daming foods and ang sasarap,🥰must visit this place when you want a cruise that serve Asia fishes,sure na enjoy mo ito and sulit na sulit ♥️


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