Rolling hills of Mt. Susong Dalaga

After years of no hike due to the pandemic, that drought came to an end by this climb with a lot of things to ponder (all the good and the bad mixed up). In this area, there are 6 known summits that are hikeable and this should be my 5th out of the 6, hopefully not the last though with the given circumstances that we discovered upon reaching the jump-off area.

Susong Dalaga rolling hills
Susong Dalaga rolling hills

We did all the regular preparations we did back then including starting the hike as early as possible (around 4:30 AM) at the brgy. hall of San Rafael in Rodriguez Rizal to catch either the sunrise or the sea of clouds when we reach the summit. With their newly installed leaders and placed regulations, we were not billed any entrance fees which were there before so there was even no registration needed. We only coordinated with a staff near their brgy. hall and they assigned 2 guides for us since we were 9 then (5 hikers to 1 guide).

the group (cloud 9)
the cloud 9

As a group, we decided to target hiking the Mt. Lagyo summit but were redirected for the reason that it was "temporarily closed" due to the quarrying happening. Nevertheless, we pushed through going to the peak of Mt. Susong Dalaga expecting to experience its relaxing rolling hills with a 360° view on top.

I actually thought it was going to be easy near to a smooth stroll but it wasn't exactly the case.

We walked through a very long cemented path passing through some local houses, rocky walkways, bamboo bridges, and some streams of waterways all in pitch-black surroundings before the sun rose.

bamboo bridge
bamboo bridge

I actually enjoy passing across the small waterways by hopping on the big stones present but all the fun stopped when we come across the multiple inclined waterways (like small waterfalls) we have to traverse. You can watch some clips on the video below.

Not only that those areas are slippery but they make our footwear wet making the rest of the trail harder to go through especially when we pass some high edges of the mountain. Actually, a rubber shoe lost its rubber sole during one of our water stream crossings but thankfully he still managed to use it until the end. Good job, Mark! Haha!


As the sunrise and our pathways slowly become lighted, our hike became more and more relaxed because of the beautiful nature views. It was already kind of foggy when we reached a certain point so we had a good feeling that we will have an awesome view when we reach the summit. Well, who wouldn't be excited when you see this kind of view? Looks like the adventure is just starting, right? Hehe

foggy morning
foggy morning

By the way, I don't know if this is just because of the pandemic but the grasses here are so tall that I recommend you guys wear arm and leg bands.. I was only wearing shorts and a plain shirt that time and the insect bites plus the grass blades itch big time! If you want a more convenient experience, get ready for such things.

When you reach the part of the rolling hills, then tap yourself on the back because you are near the summit.

However, near can be an understatement because when you are able to see the summit for the first time, it looks like it would only take like 5 mins. to reach it but it's not. Lol. It will take more and would depend on the phase of the group.

Don't worry though because the view on top is worth it.

river of clouds at mt. susong dalaga
river of clouds

We took our time on top while taking photos and at the same time appreciating the views. The wind was blowing from time to time making our stay there quite chilly. And since the view from there is 360°, a variety of sceneries can be enjoyed. We had seen the sunrise, the other summits, a flock of birds flying, the beautiful Sierra Madre range, and how to river of clouds slowly crawl from one area to another while hearing the nature sounds of the birds and the breeze of the wind. That is just a vibe. An experience to experience and appreciate the beauty of God's creations. Thank you, Lord!

Mt. Susong Dalaga summit
Mt. Susong Dalaga summit

One of the not-so-good things to see is that the other summit (Mt. Lagyo) is now being quarried for a specific dam construction which we all can actually see happening from Mt. Susong Dalaga's peak. I hope I can still complete all 6 summits in time but more than that is that I am praying for the communities there to have some drastic change of priorities to choose what really matters not only for themselves but for other people as well.   

Moving on, after recouping some strength, getting enough rest, and because we were feeling a little cold already (lol), we decided to go down using the other trail on the other side. This was the steeper side of the mountain, but of course, we were game to do it to see more different views AND get to the foot of the mountain faster! Haha!

rolling hills trail
rolling hills trail

This is where most of us felt some knee aches going down. I actually regret playing badminton the night before our hike but it happened again. I underestimated this hike to be super easy but it became harder than I thought it would be due to the circumstances given. Anyway, this is still a great exercise and experience, especially for some members of the group making this their mother mountain. Wohoo! Congratulations on completing your first hike guys!

grass flowers on rolling hills
grass flowers on rolling hills

We were back at the jump-off area after roughly around 3 hours of hiking back and forth and ate in a famous unlimited rice food place. The group was thinking to do another hike but I recommended  having waterfalls the next time. Let's see!

We hit our budget of doing everything still under the P500 mark (coming from Marikina City) but because of their generosity and appetite, the tips and dine-out after made it a little over that. I think it is still a great price for a kind of adventure like this and knowing that this will contribute something to the Sierra Madre range is a small act of support for the things she is doing and has already done in the past (shielding us from all the incoming typhoons from the pacific).

Our Mt. Susong Dalaga video adventure

- video file soon -

If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Inside the clouds of Mt. Maculot&#3...
Inside the clouds of Mt. Maculot's summit at Cuenca Batangas | Michael's Hut

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Rolling hills of Mt. Susong Dalaga Rolling hills of Mt. Susong Dalaga Reviewed by Michael on November 24, 2022 Rating: 5


  1. It looks so beautiful there. I want to visit some day now.

  2. It looks so beautiful there. I want to visit some day now.

  3. What a fun hiking trip! So glad that your pandemic hiatus is over, good for you that you have already hiked 5 out of 6. Keep going!


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