The benefits of internships abroad

There are so many people who want to pursue their foreign dreams to either study, work, or live abroad for a better future. There are also so many ways that can be done to make it happen like starting it early by being an exchange student, finding opportunities in agencies, or directly applying for school/work abroad. But have you ever considered going to an internship program to kick-start that goal?

internship programs Beyond Academy
internship programs

What is an internship? An internship is a position where one works in an organization or a company for experience to develop or gain skills to either satisfy a specific work requirement or any kind of qualification.

Going to a foreign land is always exciting but it also always goes with a bit of anxiety and unsureness due to unfamiliarity and no security. Well, what if I tell you that there is someone who can help us with all these and even extend help and assistance all the way? Beyond Academy's International Internships London might be the solution you are looking for. They actually tailor courses and programs to your preference and convenience accordingly.

what's included in the internship program
included in the program

So, what are the benefits of doing internships abroad?

1. You experience everything firsthand and gain knowledge about "how they do it there". Basically, it's assessing the professional world with a different culture expanding both your personal and professional growth and potential opportunities.

with Beyond Academy,

A guaranteed or secured professional working space in the industry of your choice will be at hand. One of the hardest things to do abroad is start something with limited information and network. With their help, you will not only save time but do things efficiently with their proven system.

2. You gain confidence in doing new things due to accustomization. The more you are immersed in different customs and traditions, the more likely you get to do other things stretching your potential.

with Beyond Academy,

Their flexible and experienced team will coach and give advice accordingly including workshops. With this help, guidance is slated that can aid you to choose when important options are along the path like critical choices, different directions, or big changes are needed.

3. It makes any Resume or CV (curriculum vitae) stand out. Usually but not all, when foreign work experience including internships is there, makes one look more credible - powerful.

with Beyond Academy,

They make sure you get to attend relevant events and meet valuable contacts as much as possible. This  should connect you to fitting networks putting not only your CV to the highest standards but prepare you to overcome the future challenges ahead with ease.

internship program extra benefits
extra benefits

- Extra -

Aside from all the professional coaching for character development and CV perfection, when you avail of the internship program with Beyond Academy, they actually give a certificate of excellence as proof of completion.

Beyond Academy community
Beyond Academy community

Are there any perks or bonuses for doing internships abroad?

> Increases VISA application success rate. For those who don't know it yet, it can be complicated at times but if you have supporting documents about the internship, it increases your application success rate exponentially.  

> Travel! Of course, since you are already there, might as well explore your selected country! All the great and happy things about traveling should be enjoyed fully at the same time. And along those times, you'll meet multinational friends where Beyond Academy excels. They actually have a thriving community where fellow interns will be present. They have an organized system that includes scheduled meet-ups, community events, and even recommended local trips that would make the whole experience unforgettable.

You can check some of their testimonials HERE

Some of their stories are really interesting and heartfelt and you'll really feel inspired to take the leap too. Just like Hannah's phrase "Everyone here has left behind the familiar and has come to the unfamiliar" says so much for a single line. I have known friends who want to start generally anew in life and I suddenly thought that this can be a solution to that specific crossroad.

internship testimonials
internship testimonials

But one of the most important opportunities here to take in mind that is excluded in any equation is the chance you may get absorbed by the company or organization you work for. There is no exact formula or guarantee for this to happen but when you excel in what you do, great things happen.


To know more about the available internship programs, feel free to check their site HERE. They actually have a separate table rate when you avail of their package that comes with accommodation. It's not a requirement but a highly recommended add-on because location-wise it should be strategically convenient.

Exciting times, eh? But the question is are you up for it?

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  1. Interesting neto ah😍 talagang lalabas ang kakayahan at opportunity mo dito✨✨ -margditass

  2. I do agree with this. It increases one's world view. My son has been checking summer programs as early as last summer so he gets to experience more of the world. We encourage our children to search for things like this since they've always been exposed to international schooling.

  3. I wish that this is something I would have considered. It is such a great way to see new places and to learn.

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