RGB Badminton Cup | Friendly tournament

This friendly badminton tournament has been happening for the last 3 years now (this being its 3rd) and every year, it goes bigger and bigger every single time. Of course, the group has been glued by a single passion of playing the sport and we are all happy to share it with each other, and now, sharing it publicly via this post.

RGB CUP 2022
RGB Badminton CUP 2022

RGB Badminton Cup is named after its three heads (Richard, Glenn, & Boyong) spearheading everything from all the preparations up to the prizes with the help of a core team. All the participants are composed mostly of friends and sponsors of the tourney including some seeded participants of Philippine badminton representatives & student-athletes from different schools and universities.

The tourney is grouped by levels and happens [at Katipunan prime] the whole day starting from the morning up until the evening including the awarding and the celebratory dinner. I happen to experience all three so let's start this with a little throwback of the past 2 years.

K.P. Buddies 2020

KP Buddies 2020
Year 1

Number of participants: 36 pax
Registration fee: P500
Cash prize pool: P54,000
Number of major prizes: 5
Awarding dinner venue: La Stanza Events Venue

My game partner: JP
My team: Boyong 

Result: Richard (Champion), Boyong (1st), Glenn (2nd)

RGB CUP badminton tournament 2021

RGB CUP badminton tournament 2021
Year 2

Number of participants: 42
Registration fee: P800
Cash prize pool: P63,000
Number of major prizes: 5
Awarding dinner venue: Gourmet Manila

My game partner: Cy
My team: Boyong 

Result: Boyong (Champion), Richard (1st), Glenn (2nd)

RGB Badminton tournamanet champion trophy
RGB Champion trophy

This third installation has been its best because of the many improvements they implemented such as the following:

1. Aesthetics - They staged the whole place with pillar banners and neatly done backdrops complete with lights and sounds. 

RGB pillar banners
pillar banners

2. Food and Snacks - Almost all the complimentary food and snacks prepared even from the first tourney were generous and has standouts but this year was just overflowing. There was a get-your-own banana table and not forget the enormous burger for the PM snack.

chicken teriyaki lunch
chicken teriyaki lunch

We have an additional set of coupon stabs entitled to get taho (sweetened tofu), flavored cotton candy, and ice cream and these were all aside from the available snacks in between and the lavish lunch and catered dinner.

food coupon stabs
food coupon stabs

RGB catered dinner
catered dinner

They even thought of preparing unlimited drinks (water/juice/soda) for everybody during the whole game day which I think left everybody that joined the tournament no excuse to be late because of such service. All you need to do is show up, play, and enjoy the company of the group because everything you need for that day were given and more.



3. Loot bag - Aside from the bag itself and having bag tag names, each one contains items composed of 2 pcs. of racket grips, a facial mask, & 2 pcs. of branded shirts (dry-fit & polo shirt).

RGB loot bags
loot bags

The RGB Cup badminton tournament game system follows the Badminton World Federation (BWF) rules with a twist. Given the levels, game partners are finalized by doing an on-the-spot random drawing of the high-level players of a specific group with its assigned low-level players in the same group. Once the partnerships are in place, another on-the-spot drawing of lots will be done to determine which of the three general groups (R,G, or B) will they be included and it will only be announced minutes before the awarding. Isn't that exciting?

RGB lunch break
RGB lunch break

Well, to add more fuel to that burning excitement.. while sponsors are also entitled to participate.. some known names in the Philippine badminton community usually grace and play the event too who are the following for this leg:

RJ Ormilla - UST, PH national team head coach (former national player)
Pat Baredo - UST (former national player)
Welli Tortoles - San Beda University - MVP (former national player)
Kiko Magnaye - UST (SEA games representative)

RGB CUP top seeds
top seeds

Including some coaches, assistant coaches and varsity players (former/current) of different schools and universities:

Jem Vicencio - UST (champion)
Marlon Cruz - PUP (champion)
Marvin Nalangan - Assistant coach to various schools
Patrick Alba - New Era University (champion)
James Choo - San Beda University - MVP
Martin Reyes - San Beda University
Cyruz Baylon - San Beda University
Jhonel Rebito - San Sebastian Recoletos
Gab Ganoy - Adamson University
Jason Pajarillo - De La Salle

RGB x Michael's Hut
wrong time blinking Bry (haha)

With my 3-year stint in this tournament, I can personally say that two of their greatest qualities would be that they are very professional and generous. I seldom participate in any tournament (even the fun games area-wise) but given that I am already attending my 3rd time in this same yearly event says something good about them. All the matches start on time, camaraderie is practiced and friendly vibes exuberate around, it's basically just enjoying and sharing the moment with others thru a sport we all mutually love so what more can I ask?

RGB Team Boyong 2022
solid team Boyong (3rd straight year for me!)

And generous because of the raffle prizes which they are really known for since the first season. The raffle here is one of a kind because ALL participants get something after. Then, the second round of the raffle for the major prizes happens where everybody again gets a chance to be drawn. These are all aside from getting branded wines and recognition during the celebratory and awarding dinner. Can you still catch up with all the complimentary gifts?! Lol. It is really indeed a day of giving and celebration so I would not doubt that they are being blessed by how the way they give so great job, RGB team! I am appreciating all the efforts behind making each RGB Cup happen.

RGB raffle prizes
raffle prizes

For your information, I won a sack of rice and a microwave oven in year 1, a standing electric fan in year 2, and a cooler this year so thank you, Lord! Thank you, RGB! I have yet to win a major prize (Yes. You heard it right. These items are not yet the major ones) but we have used and are using them all so these gifts are really very practical and valued.

And with all these, the night capped with having this year's event statistics and update with the following details:

RGB CUP 2022

RGB CUP badminton tournament 2022
Year 3

Number of participants: 54
Registration fee: P1,000
Cash prize pool: P81,000
Number of Major prizes 10
Awarding dinner venue: Marikina Hotel

My game partner: Geoff
My team: Boyong

Result: Richard (Champion), Boyong (1st), Glenn (2nd)

With how things are going, I am pretty sure that everyone is always looking forward to this event happening because year after year they go Richer, Greater, and Bigger. Well, I can't wait to see what's next but one thing is for sure, they are going for something even better than this year's best.

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  1. Woww that's awesome and congratulations 👏
    Ang saya saya nito at napakamemorable

  2. Wow ang saya nmn ng Badminton tournament na ito yearly . Laki ng cash prize . My foods , unli drinks and loot bags 😍

  3. This calls for a huge success! All perfect scenario for a tournament,the prizes,the ambiance n food

  4. So Nice naman ng tournament na ito ang laki ng orizes at bongga pa ng pa raffle sure na sulit saya saya naman😍

  5. Congratulations to all winners po. Talagang super enjoy itong friendly tournament po and so delicious ng foods lalo na yung loot bags ang gaganda 🥰


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