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They started as an option for me when I crave a frappe drink (versus the internationally popular coffee café brand) but eventually grew making them my standard to all local frappe drinks that are popping out.

love in every cup Farron
love in every cup

Farron Cafe is known for its cold coffee blend drinks but they also serve fruit blend smoothies, milk teas, cheesecakes, brownies, and some other offerings that a regular café serves depending on the branch.

Farron Lilac branch
Farron Lilac branch

My first encounter with them was years ago at their Riverbanks Center branch and since then, they already became a staple drink for me. What I like about their frappe is that their whipped cream tastes a little bit sweet which empowers the chocolate syrup above it. Yes, I like strong-flavored frappes. Besides that, personally, it is the nearest copy of the mocha frappe I usually order from the international coffee café brand I always get. Well, Farron's has their own version and distinct flavor and they are more affordable making them a no-brainer go-to option.

Hazelnut frappe is the bomb! This is my usual order when I visit any branch and it always delivers.

hazelnut frappe Farron
hazelnut frappe

What I like more about their frappes is that their whipped cream doesn't melt easily so I get to enjoy it during the last part of the slurping experience. I also commend how they crush their ice because its texture is perfect and also does not melt that fast too. If you have tasted a lot of frappes from other brands or even different versions of shakes already, you know what I mean. Gulping melted frappes or shakes is not that great of an experience.

By the way, all these pictures were taken from their Marikina-Lilac branch and their interiors are actually aesthetically pleasing. They are located on a 2nd floor of a building which adds a cool vibe when dining in.

inside Farron Lilac branch
inside Farron Lilac branch

Farron Marikina Lilac branch
more seats and tables

desserts & pastries Farron
desserts & pastries available

I heard the business' story in a noontime show on what happened during the pandemic and was happy that they are slowly recovering again. Now, after seeing Ronnie Alonte & Loisa Andalio supporting and franchising the brand, I surely do hope to drink more Farron in the future. Cheers guys!

I guess there is now no excuse to not give in since they are also available in various delivery apps when craving days come. Hello to more gastos but yes to satisfaction.

Michael x Farron
Hazelnut frappe for the win!

Who knows, they can be our future business partners too.. Well, let's look forward to it. 

Address: 41 Lilac St. Legaspi building, Marikina
Operating hours: 10:00AM to 10:00PM daily
Contact nos.: 0956 913 9013
Farron Cafe logo

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