Kubo Grill Antipolo overlooking review

We visited an overlooking food place that is bike-able and we ended up here in this very comfy alfresco dining with a scenic horizon of the Metro. Though we did bike our way going up here, they are still accessible via car with adequate parking spaces around.

inside Kubo Grill Antipolo
inside Kubo Grill Antipolo

Kubo Grill is located in Antipolo City. Though they feature their ihaw-ihaw, pizza, and coffee products, they actually serve more than those.

We arrived here just before the sunset (which was the target) and so we were blessed with such breathtaking and overlooking views just like the photos below.

biked our way up to Kubo Grill Antipolo
biked our way up

kubo grill spot
kubo grill spot

We went on a weekday so the traffic of guests was just perfect to enjoy the relaxing vibe of the place and take some pictures. A lot of construction were happening left and right but the accommodating staff and beautiful views will keep your company steady.

We ordered a light set of food just before doing our real semi-long bicycle ride and the items that made our list are the following:

kubo grill nachos

kubo grill garlic parmesan wings
garlic parmesan wings

kubo grill don ramon's special pizza
don ramon's special pizza

The nachos were nice but hopefully, they'll add more cheese and toppings since we were left with all the nachos themselves below the serving. The number of garlic parmesan wings for a single order was pretty generous. I think I just ate 2 pcs. and I was already good with it. This don ramon's special pizza is huge. I think a family can already share this. Well, I think my buddy Villy can handle all of our leftovers so it was just right for the two of us. Lol.

Their iced tea though was the real deal for me. I don't know if I was just thirsty at that time but I craved it days after. I think they soaked it with lemongrass and it was really relaxing and soothing. I guess you just have to visit them in order to experience this.

dining inside kubo grill antipolo
dining inside kubo grill antipolo

kubo grill dining
kubo grill dining

We stayed up until sunset and we were gifted with this beautiful sight.

sunset at kubo grill

Our stay here was a good rest before we pushed through our semi-long bicycle ride trip. The place is very open and chill. The wind is blowing from time to time and the temperature here was comfortable enough to give you some peace of mind. Lol.

I really enjoyed the vibe here especially when some good music plays along in the background. They actually do some live music here too but I guess it is scheduled or placed on weekends when more people are around. With their simple concept, I now understand why many people continue to visit the place. Sometimes, there is magic in being simple. But when partnered with good food, great view, and awesome service, good things happen.

kubo grill view at night
kubo grill view at night

Here is our Kubo Grill video experience
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: 1 cincinnati corner dakota, Brookside Hills, Brgy. Muntindilaw, Antipolo City
Operating hours: 8:00PM to 12:00MN daily
Contact nos.: 0945 750 5344
kubo grill logo

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Kubo Grill Antipolo overlooking review Kubo Grill Antipolo overlooking review Reviewed by Michael on March 05, 2023 Rating: 5


  1. Kubo Grill looks like a wonderful place to eat. Watching this amazing view with misic is relaxing. Iced tea and pizza look delicious.

  2. oh wow! The views and the food, this is amazing!!! I would love to experience something like that, that would be amazing...

  3. This looks like THE coolest place. And the food looks so good! - Rachel

  4. Aside from seeing these very tempting delicious pizzas they have; I am more drawn to the gorgeous view! I am actually imagining a glass house in that area. Do you have any idea how much is the current going market price of property in Antipolo?

  5. I don't have any idea about the prices Blair but it looks like a great idea to build there!

  6. The view is really amazing!!! I 've always heard and read about Antipolo's views but I never got to go there ever. The restaurant is gifted with such spectacular sunset.


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