Doc Wings unlimited chicken wings review

One of my go-to comfort foods is eating flavored chicken wings and our feature is one of the rising brands that is serving this food item with mastery and is making waves. So let's all find out what is this buzz all about.

Doc Wings unlimited
Doc Wings unlimited

Doc Wings serves unlimited chicken wings, rice, and more which includes bottomless iced tea, cheese sticks, and nachos. They are actually known to have many different (15) flavors of their chicken wings at a very affordable price.

Their 15 chicken wings flavors are as follows:

- Doc Wings classic
- Doc Daniels
- Adobo
- Atomic
- Honey BBQ
- Mango Habanero
- Garlic Mayo
- Spicy Mayo
- Korean Soy
- Salted Egg
- Garlic Parmesan
- Buffalo
- Spicy Buffalo
- Teriyaki

doc wings servings
doc wings servings

They have a lot of branches but the one we visited is located at the e-com building of Riverbanks Center. We always see a queue outside their establishment waiting for their turn to go inside so make sure to either arrive early or be ready to wait when you plan to visit.

We actually ordered the package that has unlimited of everything so we were in for a treat. Are you ready to dig in, Gab? Looks like we're going to have a hard time going back home due to fullness. Lol. We haven't noticed the exact serving time due to the stories we were talking about but it was fast. We went here at lunchtime on a Saturday and I am pretty sure they served our orders following their 10 -15 minutes serving time (based on their house rules given below).

unlimited chicken wings doc wings
unlimited flavored chicken wings

unlimited nachos and cheese sticks doc wings
unlimited nachos and cheese sticks

unlimited pasta doc wings
unlimited pasta

My top picks for the flavors would be garlic parmesan, salted egg, honey bbq, and Korean soy - adobo & Doc Daniels for Gab (Haha!). The chicken wings they serve are actually bigger in size compared to its other competitors so I guess that is good news for many. The cheese sticks and the nachos are good flavor breakers to tickle the taste buds for something different and the trays of pasta are as usual. I suggest trying to request more toppings on the pasta to make it more solid (if possible) but they are already fine to start with.

Their iced tea though was really nice! One of the best so far that I have tasted served by restaurants and I would be excited to go back here for this. And knowing that it's bottomless? Man, what a great deal. Thank you, Doc Wings! Happy and Full! Well, I guess these photos would suffice as proof.

Michael x Gab on Doc Wings
Ready & Set

Michael x Gabrielle on Doc Wings
Go! Haha!

But before I forget, I would like to remind you of their house rules inside. And they are as follows:

house rules inside doc wings
house rules

Such control measures are just necessary to balance everyone's experience and discourage any abuse of the unlimited feature. The 2 hrs. dining rule only applies when a queue is present but most of the time, it is more than enough to be full.

doc wings riverbanks center branch
Riverbanks Center branch

With how great and comfortable our dining experience here was (and everything unlimited), I think this will be the start of something regular for me whenever I am in the area. And I still can't believe how affordable it ALL was! How about you, buddy Gab? What do you think? Well, we'll just see. ;) 

Here is our visit inside Doc Wings Riverbanks Center branch
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: Various branch (Riverbanks Center)
Operating hours: 10:00AM to 11:00PM
doc wings logo

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Doc Wings unlimited chicken wings review Doc Wings unlimited chicken wings review Reviewed by Michael on April 01, 2023 Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for sharing this talagang mapapalaban Ka dito lahat unli na talaga Naman sulit na sulit lalonna ang chicken nila na napakaraminh flavor na pagpipilian perfect lalo na SA buong barkada and family ☺️😋

  2. Unlimited chicken wings?! Sounds like my kind of place. If we are ever in the area, I will definitely check it out.

  3. My boys love wings. This is a place that we need to try.

  4. WOW! What a variety! Everything looks so tasty too and worth a try.

  5. Oh I love chicken wings and this place got a variety of them. The unlimited chicken wings sounds awesome!

  6. chicken wings and cheese sticks are one of the bestest that go with beer. unlimited pa and chicken wings. that's bottomless fun for the tummy!

  7. chicken wings and cheese sticks are the bestest to go with beer. unlimited pa ang chicken wings. that's bottomless fun for the tummy.

  8. Grabe sulit na sulit talaga dahil sa sobrang Daming Flavor. Na bubusugin ka nlang sa Dami at Sarap. Well Absolutely perfect sa buong Barkada at Pamilya 😋😋🤤

  9. Super sarap tignan!!!! Makes me hungry esp. this time

  10. Chicken wings and cheese sticks are the ultimate beer companions! There's nothing quite like unlimited plates of them to keep your tummy happy and your taste buds satisfied. Bottomless wings and cheese sticks are a surefire way to have an awesome time!

  11. Chicken wings and cheese sticks are the ultimate beer companions! There's nothing quite like unlimited plates of them to keep your tummy happy and your taste buds satisfied. Bottomless wings and cheese sticks are a surefire way to have an awesome time!

  12. Everything here looks delicious and love that it is unlimited wings and bottomless drinks too! What a great place to eat!

  13. Sounds like the perfect place for the chicken wing lover! It is nice to have such a big menu and lots of great flavors.

  14. I'm craving tuloy ng chicken wings ngayon! I want to try all the flavors esp. the garlic parmesan and salted egg. :)

  15. What a celebration of foods and a good company! Great experience is a shared experience.

  16. Yum. The wings look so good. My son loves wings and I wish they had an all you can eat wing place here.

  17. Wow, the mouth-watering pictures and detailed descriptions in this chicken wings review have me craving a plate right now!

  18. I have a soft sport for chicken wings. I love them too much. "unlimited chicken wings" deal sounds like a food coma to me, the sad outcome I'd definitely impose on myself willingly. The place looks nice and the wings do look very delicious. I'd absolutely give it a try. Lyosha

  19. Those chicken wings look so delicious and yummy! I'll have to try some soon!

  20. Those chicken wings look so yummy. I will have to try some soon!

  21. Wow! My family are going to love this specially my husband who really loves chicken wings! This looks absolutely delicious!

  22. Woww ang sasarap ng foods at ang dami pang flavors of chicken wings !
    Nakakatakam talaga ohhhh

  23. These chicken wings omg...I am literally drooling. I love chicken wings so much...

  24. I would like to try these chicken wings! They look so inviting!

  25. Huhuhu now im craving for some chicken wings :'( Ano po pinakamasarap here sa Doc Wings? The adobo sounds yummyyyyy!

  26. Oh my goodness, this is all up my alley. I need to stop by!

  27. Oh my! Those flavors look so delicious! Thanks for sharing your honest review.

  28. Oooh dang these look and sound amazing!! Look at that crunch! :D The sauces all sound amazing...I wouldn't know which to order first or where to begin.

  29. Oh wow, everything looks so yummy! :)

  30. Deliciuos🤤

  31. Delicious 🤤🤤

  32. Grabe nakakacrave lalo ng samgyupsal pero syempre the best din ang unli wings with it's differen flavors ❤️ stress reliever talaga ang unli foods ❤️ diet is real ❤️ pero unli foods is life 😅


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