Kurimi milk tea bar (Masinag) review

Looking for a great milk tea spot that has the ambiance, products, and services that will make you want more? I think they might be one that falls under that category.

Kurimi (Masinag branch)
Kurimi (Masinag branch)

This Kurimi branch is located along Marcos Highway just across SM City Masinag and behind  Maxfill gas station. They serve a line of drinks that include cheesecakes, brown sugars, fruit teas, and their new yogurt series.

They boast their 2D artistic and hand-painted theme inside featuring some famous Japanese Anime characters but not limited to those.

inside Kurimi Masinag
inside Kurimi Masinag

Aren't they cool?! And by the way, it is literally also COOL inside as the whole place is A/C'ed which makes the vibe of the establishment a good one to chill. Once inside, it transports you to a whole different reality. The 2D realm, I guess?

2D-themed milk tea bar

Anyway, the drinks I tried at that time were grapefruit tea, cocoa cheesecake, brown sugar milk tea, and the Kurimi milk tea baby special Oreo cheesecake.

Kurimi goodies
Kurimi goodies

I actually liked them all but the standouts for me were the grapefruit tea and the cocoa cheesecake. Man, the grapefruits in the grapefruit tea literally burst in your mouth which has an addictive sensation while the cocoa cheesecake brought something strong in my taste buds that was something new to my usuals.

2D wall art
2D wall art

I would commend them for having a neat and nice place plus their staff were really attentive and welcoming. Instagramable? Isn't it obvious? Lol. Just make sure to ready your poses and OOTDs when you get here as every corner is artistically beautiful. Of course, I also stroke a pose here on my favorite spot that included my favorite Anime characters: Naruto, Luffy, & Goku!

Michael's Hut in Kurimi Masinag
enjoying Kurimi Masinag

They are also present in the delivery apps so make sure to check them out there and order their goodies anytime you want.

Here are some clips inside the establishment
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: Maxfill Gas Station Marcos Highway Masinag, Antipolo,
Operating hours: 11:00 AM - 9:30 PM daily
Contact nos.: 0995 586 43 73
Kurimi logo

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Kurimi milk tea bar (Masinag) review Kurimi milk tea bar (Masinag) review Reviewed by Michael on November 28, 2023 Rating: 5

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  1. Super Ganda dito Sir Michael
    ,the2D artistic and hand-painted theme ay sarap sa eyes
    Plus ang sarap pa ng drinks here !!


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