Felet Philippines and Michael's Hut

I am happy to announce that Felet Philippines is now going to support us on our badminton content journey. Felet sent some of their items to represent the brand while we continue to play and create content for the sport.

Felet Philippines and Michael's Hut
Felet Philippines and Michaels Hut

Felet is a Malaysian brand where badminton is quite popular. With their expansion reaching us here in the Philippines, Michael's Hut is honored to be selected as one of their champions here in the country. The brand carries a whole line of badminton items such as apparel, racquet, footwear, bags, and accessories including branded shuttlecock, strings and grips, and stringing machines.

Initially, the items they sent were the following:

2 Felet shorts [Red and Blue]
3 Felet shirts [Red , White and Green]
3 Felet socks [Orange, Dark blue and Light blue]

Felet apparel
Felet apparel

1 Felet shoes [Power boost black]
1 Felet monogram tournament bag [White]
1 Felet shoe bag
1 Felet racket [TJ Power-Power]
3 Felet strings [Nano Plus 66]

Felet equipment
Felet equipment

Felet items
Felet items

I actually made a video regarding this and you may watch the whole thing HERE.

With this partnership, expect more badminton content that will be cross-posted across our Facebook, Instagram, AND TikTok accounts. If you haven't subscribed yet to our TikTok account, make sure you do by clicking this link.

As this collaboration empowers our badminton content creation, working with other badminton content creators, icons, and well-known personalities are at hand. Are you guys, excited? Well, I am super! Contributing to this sporting industry has been a long dream of mine that is included in the "about us" page of our website in the line of "healthy living and having a fitness lifestyle" so we are in this for the long run.

Thank you, Felet Philippines for the opportunity, and let us make our dreams happen.

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  1. Wowww ang gaganda ng Kanilang items
    Looks good and High quality
    Love The shirts and the shorts


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