Bridging Filipinos one move at a time

In this age of sending parcels throughout the country and even beyond our territories, the demand for it has become a necessity for both personal and business purposes. But did you know you can do it too on trusted business centers like M Lhuillier branches?

ML moves
ML moves

M Lhuillier now has a service called ML moves that bridges families not just through money lending and money transfer services but also through logistics solutions.

ML moves serves as an extended business center for their third-party logistics partners aiming to be a drop-off and pick-up center for both walk-in and e-commerce transactions. With this, you can send your parcels and documents not only nationwide but even internationally just by bringing them inside an M Lhuillier branch that does the ML moves. It's that simple.

For the rates and list of branches with ML Moves Service, click HERE for more details including the FAQs.

ML moves solution
ML moves solution

The processes are easy:

For walk-in transactions

1. Simply drop off your item at your nearest M Lhuillier branch that offers ML Moves service.
2. They’ll ship it for you through their local courier partners and DHL Express (for international destinations).

For E-commerce solutions

Returns (Lazada/Shopee)

- Once your application for a return/refund is approved, just drop the item off at any M Lhuillier branch, and they’ll send it back for you without having to pay for a shipping fee.

Branch pick-up (Lazada/Shopee)

- You can opt to have both your Lazada and Shopee packages dropped off at your nearest M Lhuillier branch so you can have the flexibility to pick it up any time you want.

For Shopee customers within Metro Manila, you can also choose a specific M Lhuillier branch near you as a pick-up point and pay the COD amount there at the same time. This will give you enough time to prepare for your payment.

Seller's drop-off

For selected Lazada and Shopee sellers, selected M Lhuillier branches can be used as drop points for their parcels. Lazada and Shopee couriers will then periodically pick up the batched parcels ready for delivery to the line haul carriers.

ML moves partners
ML moves partners

With this additional service, the ML moves, we now can send NOT ONLY money but also documents & parcels in a single and same center - M Lhuillier branch. Not only saving time but providing efficiency and productivity letting us do more in the same location or branch.

And with years of credibility behind the name, stable service, and reliable moves are expected. 

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  1. That's great naman
    Hindi lang pera ang pwede iclaim at ipadala sa M LHUILLIER
    Pwede din pala parcel and
    documents kaya laking tulong ito sa Bawat mamayang Pilipino at sa OFW'S


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