One of my scariest plane rides | An experience never to forget

I consider riding planes a privilege because, for most common people, it is seldom to be experienced. Though I honestly only enjoy plane trips when the travel time is long due to that media screens are available for multi-purpose entertainment: I enjoy the advanced screening of specific movies because not all movies are released in each country on the same dates, I can enjoy the music of other countries especially on what airlines are you at (If it is Korean airlines, most likely Korean music like K-Pop songs are available in there, If it is Philippine airlines, Filipino music such as "OPM" or Original Pinoy songs will be there: You can as well watch dramas, cartoons, other views from the plane's perspective and many more other things..) Not to forget the plane food! : )

Plane ride above the clouds
Plane rides: Can either be the best or the worst, agree?

I am fond of watching some National Geographic Channel series of aircraft investigations in the thought of what if it might happen to me one time, what should I do then? How do I react? or Can I do anything about it? Knowing that there are more chances of being hit by lightning than experience a plane crash, this issue still bugs me because thinking of the situation that there is still a chance for it to happen is present. Especially that your movements are limited because you are so high up in the air and the situation is very very uncommon.

Not that I think of this every time I ride a plane but because I have experienced already an ultra nerve-wracking and heart-stopping moment once. And the story started like this..

Just as I finished college and had my first week at work, our plan to go to the United States has pushed through to attend our cousin's wedding in Los Angeles. So I asked permission to my immediate supervisor about it but only granted a week of leave for it (half of what we have planned for the trip). So there is a catch to it, I am forced to select between two options: One is to go there with my whole family on the first week but will miss the wedding and come back to the Philippines alone or go there alone starting the second week, attend the wedding and come back here with them. to cut the story short, I selected option 2 which was to go there alone starting the second week and of course to catch the wedding.

And so they went ahead and I was left here alone for a week..(moving forward) And so my time to go there arrived and rode my plane. Everything moved smoothly and worked well until I arrived at my seat. I was kind of eager to see who will be my seatmates then since it is my first time to go on a plane ride all by myself and to think that the travel time will last for like more than half a day time.. I was hoping to have a decent mate. And so my seatmates came, they were a mature couple. The man was obviously confident and was used on riding planes because on the latter part of the trip, his feet were lifted as high as the other passengers.. while his wife was holding a rosary praying and left very quiet the whole trip. Our position was the man was sitting beside the walkway, his wife was in the middle of us and I was on the window seat.

Continuing with the ride, we were experiencing quite a lot but mostly minor turbulence which makes the matured woman sitting beside me very nervous in our situation. A little shake of the plane and I already hear her making little noises of panic. But if you look at everybody else, all were just chillin' around like they were sitting in a park. So, when the snacks were starting to be served I offered her my cup of water to make her more at ease at least for quite a time.

But suddenly we are again experiencing some turbulence but this time a lot shakier ones. It happened while the meals were being distributed so what I thought of is that until they are serving the food and the flight attendants were still standing.. all is fine. But as the turbulence gets longer, the shake becomes more intense wherein the food and drinks served started to fall and drop. Honestly, at this time, I felt a little nervous already especially the woman beside me was now intensely praying with her rosary. Then, all changed when all the attendants were asked to sit and we all started to feel heart-stopping mini drops like riding a roller coaster and plane shakes like King Kong was outside. Loud engine and shake noises added to the situation making me think that "something is really going wrong right now".

Then only after a few seconds when I looked at the woman beside me, she was already crying in fear and started to bring her bible out hugging it and saying loud panic statements like "God help us!!".. And that shout made the difference, I now was also nervous thinking that "is it really my time now? Now that I am riding this plane alone with no family members around me? God, am I the only bad person in my clan worth to cut my time short?" It feels that the plane was dropping already where it came to a point that I said to myself and Him "Lord, I am ready. If it is my time, it's my time" I wish I should've said "Thank you for everything" to Him at least then but I really don't remember saying such words that instance.

But being blessed, we started to feel the plane going back to normal and in control of the pilot. We all felt relieved and if I remember it right when the plane landed, all of the passengers applauded. I do remember as well the mature man talking to me about his wife saying that she really is afraid of plane rides and is not used to it even though they have done it a lot of times already. And at the back of my mind, I was just saying "Yeah right.. -_- it even got me too". HAHA!

I realized in that experience that even though how much you are prepared for such a thing to happen especially when it is your first, it is still an entirely different story and feeling when you are already experiencing it yourself. But the best thing to do to face it and increase your chances of making it good is being ready in all aspects - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

But believe me or not, I still thank God for everything that had happened because that kind of experience is such a treasure where I feel more the love of God. And the first thing I did upon un-boarding the plane was to immediately share it with my family when we finally meet again after years as per our last meeting. They were all laughing when I shared it with them because I was stating each detail of it with feelings. I told them it was really not funny when I was in the situation. But I honestly did laugh at it as well after because I did not imagine that it will come to a point that I will say to myself that I was ready to die. Well, God has more plans for me and who knows sharing this article may be one of them.

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One of my scariest plane rides | An experience never to forget One of my scariest plane rides | An experience never to forget Reviewed by Michael on April 07, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. I'm an OFW before, and I experienced it too. But turbulence is a normal thing when riding an airplane. It's like a rough road...

    1. I have experienced a few before this, but the article tells the other factors that may have affected it.

  2. I've been to turbulent flights too and even had I where we had to use the oxygen mask and it's really scary.

  3. I enjoyed the part where the woman held her Bible and shouted, "God, help us!" I haven't experience longer than a 4-hour flight, but I did remember the others screaming like it was on a roller coaster ride. And every time the plane takes off there's always this thought of "What if the pilot hesitates? But then again, just pray to God to make your flight safe as always.

  4. I also experienced turbulence on my way to Palawan. It was short but it was enough to scare the hell out of me. How much for in a longer duration.


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