Pizza chains in Manila | Online deliveries

As one of the most liked food anywhere in the world, who wouldn't know a pizza. Now, there are just a few clicks away or even just a call for them to be delivered right at your specified place.

pizza chains PH by
pizza chains PH by

Greenwich delivery []
Hotline Nos. 55555 (Metro Manila) - 2541000 (Cebu) - 4355555 (Cavite)

Pizza Hut delivery []
Hotline Nos. 9111111 (Metro Manila) - 1111111 (Provincial)

Shakey's delivery []
Hotline No. 77777

Yellow Cab delivery []
Hotline No. 7899999 (Metro Manila)

Papa John's delivery []
Hotline No. 8877272

3M Pizza delivery []
Hotline No. 21212 (via Twoanyone's Quick delivery)

Domino's Pizza delivery []
Hotline No. N/A - visit their website for more information

Don Henrico's Pizza delivery []
Hotline No. N/A - visit their website for more details (via Twoanyone's Quick delivery)

California Pizza Kitchen []
Hotline No. N/A - visit their website for more (via Twoanyone's Quick delivery)

I didn't even have known that some of the given pizza chains do delivery until now. Awesome right?!

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  1. Been there to all these Pizza houses except for the California Pizza Kitchen. I dig Yellow Cab pizza.

  2. I love this list will definitely copy the websites..

  3. This list makes it easier to find pizza wherever and whenever a craving arises. I think I'll refer to this list when I want to buy pizza :D

  4. This is really helpful since I am such a pizza lover. Taking note of this numbers.

  5. Yes! this post is really helpful!. Will bookmark this NOW!. Thank you michael :)

  6. nice to have a list like this... for pizza lovers it wouldn't be a feast by just dialing their favorite chain.

  7. Oh wow this is a good thing since we call for food deliveries once a week. These are good additions to our choices.

  8. california pizza was a hit for us back in singapore and now we are living just a stone throw away in petronas towers mall we always have pizza hut then. i love greenwich back in philippines and domino's for delivery

    1. For me, Pizza hut is best since we are talking about brands here

  9. Wow I never knew that CPK does deliveries too - I have to try!

  10. These are all my favorite pizza stores and I'm being reminded by my pizza cravings right now. LOL Bookmarking this now!

  11. Thanks for compiling this list! Now, I want to order some slices of pizza :D

  12. This is great. We should have a list ready whenever we don't feel like going out.

  13. Whether you are arranging a family dinner at home or office party, pizza delivery is the best option. Receiving your favorite pizza right to your door-step by quick phone order is the best thing that good pizza restaurants provide.

  14. Great and exclusive post.. Thanks for sharing


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