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It seems being "instragrammable" for places nowadays became a subtle requirement, especially for business establishments to attract customers when focusing on the millennial population. The act of sharing on social media now became the language for people to see and know if it is worth visiting or not, well.. initially. Accidentally, I found this nice place and the story goes like this..

east 108 diner interior
inside east 108 diner

We have a family gathering (a prayer meeting to be exact) with a small farewell happening for a cousin that day. I was assigned to order a pizza to an established and well-known pizza parlor already but I remember on stumbling on my online news feed a new (for me lol) food place which I was very interested to visit. Good thing they offer a pizza promo which I ended up ordering for the family. It was P500 for 3 pcs. of 12" pizzas. Well, it was surely a more affordable option but of course, the taste would make the difference.

The diner's name is DKS East 108 Diner. And I can't believe they are just located literally a few meters away from our house (lol). What's up, neighbors!?

Anyway, they actually serve a lot of food variety inside which includes from your all day breakfast meals, rice meals, different kinds of pasta, sizzlings, to even your favorite drinks of cocktails and wines. I already have my eyes on their unlimited chicken wings promo rated at P248 per person but for now, its all about the pizza. So before entering the establishment, of course, first things first, sanitation, temperature check, and logging in of identification is required for contact tracing and safety purposes as we go through this pandemic season.

pandemic protocol
pandemic protocol

The retro vibe will surely welcome you as it offer things to as early as the time of the 50s. See old things like the early tele-radio, old ringing clock, and more things to even like a jukebox themed sound system. Why do they have that? Its because their stage is an open mic for anyone who would like to sing. Just make sure you sound good because as far as my personal experience, I can hear their amplified music clearly which means everyone will hear your voice clear as day. 

retro vibe
retro theme

Its actually a plus for me that they are located on the 2nd floor of the E and J building here along the highway of J.P. Rizal. It makes the place more relaxing and spacious. Reserve that edge seat for me please! Haha!

dining area
dining area

Now back to the pizza. After an hour, I went back to get it and was excited to bring it home. I even forgot my bike on my way back. lol. Nonetheless, I present you this P500 worth of steaming dough.

3 boxes of pizza
3 boxes of pizza for P500

And to the delight of my family especially my mother, it was thin crust, colorful, and the amount of serving is pretty nice. The edges were narrow which means the bigger portion was the actual pizza itself (I hope you are getting this lol).

garlic and shrimp pizza
garlic and shrimp pizza

ham and cheese pizza
ham and cheese

longganisa pizza

The garlic and shrimp pizza was the first one to disappear and also got the greatest feedback among the given from thy family. They all asked where we bought it and now they know. And since we are all living in a compound-like home, it seems I will be seeing more of these either here or us going there. lol.

P500 for these 3 treats is a great deal. And this is just one of their current pizza offers.. They have a ton there bundled perfectly for groups and more deal offerings which is a combination of their menu. Hopefully, I can try their unlimited chicken wings soon and get more pictures there to show you how IG-worthy it is! I will update this post when given the chance.

P.S. They turn their night lights inside starting at 6:00 PM so if you want to get those Instagram-worthy photos, visit them around that time. Please bear with my selfie as I only visited them at the last minute - nakapambahay ang lolo niyo haha!

Michael at East 108 Diner

By the way, feel free to call them for advance orders and/or pick-up, it is possible using the given numbers below. For more of DKS East 108 Diner, visit their Facebook fan page below.

Feel free to watch this video below as per my short visit to their place:

(If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it)

Address: 721 J.P. Rizal St. E&J bldg. Lamuan - Malanday, Marikina City
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00AM to 11:00PM
Contact no.: 0951-181-0558
dks east 108 diner logo

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DKS East 108 Diner Marikina | Relive the retro in you DKS East 108 Diner Marikina | Relive the retro in you Reviewed by Michael on January 30, 2021 Rating: 5


  1. This place looks likes a great place to hangout with friends and family . The retro vibe sure is very appealing. Love the thin crust pizzas am sure they taste awesome. Wonderful share!

    1. Something new for people in the neighborhood actually.

  2. Those pizzas look really delicious! Reading this just before dinner lol. I like the retro vibe of this restaurant!

  3. Love the 50s vibe! A retro pizza place would definitely be a fun place to visit. Love the style, and sounds like the pizza was a hit!

  4. I love a good diner situation. Also, everything is better with family, too. Thanks for sharing!

  5. A very cool diner by the looks of things and we love pizza too! We are really looking forward to being able to get back out and eat in a restaurant x

    1. yeah. I can also feel for the business owners really..

  6. The place looks classy and truly instagrammable (haha). And those pizzas look really delicious. It's good to know they taste as good as they look and your money didn't go to waste.

    1. Yep! Another discovery! Hopefully they can survive this pandemic.

  7. That's a steal! 3 pizzas for 500 and a few steps from home is amazing and a blessing. If I were your neighbor, I would definitely be frequenting this nice diner too.

  8. Those pizzas got me starving at this moment. will definitely check the resto. :)

  9. the place looks lovely! super relaxing to grab a meal. I like it a lot


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