5 perks of blogging/vlogging as a blogger/vlogger

As per writing this article, it is so interesting to remember that I have done something similar before but the attack or perspective is always different, well, the reasons behind are. The funny thing here is that some of the items on these articles are so related to this one as well that I am appreciating them more and more. Find out more what are the items that I am talking about below.

5 blogging and vlogging perks
5 blogging and vlogging perks

So, the articles that I was talking about above that are related to this topic which was written months ago and years ago (respectively) are "7 reasons/inspirations to keep blogging/vlogging" and "3 great reasons why you need to write". With such given reasons plus what I am about to write on this blog post doesn't surprise me that more and more people are funneled into the blogging and vlogging industry where now influencers are created/formed. So many celebrities are now into it especially when the pandemic happened inspiring many to do it too. This leading me to write such perks: 

1. We discover A LOT across different industries - Whether it may be in terms of people for connections, brands to partner with, promoting products and services of our friends and family, to even knowing more (I mean in terms of in-depth details) about something is always a good thing we unconsciously get.

2. We gain SOMETHING every time - It comes in different forms. It can be thru money, gifts, complementary products/services, additional content, experience, to even just simply learning something new or more is already something to appreciate, right?

3. We have an OUTLET - We can be writing and recording videos for many different reasons but once we start doing so, it is already an outlet for our self-expression. Whether we do it for ourselves or for other people, as long as it satisfies our urge to do it, do it. It is kind of therapeutic, really.

4. We get to MAKE THE INTANGIBLE TANGIBLE - By writing our thoughts and/or recording snippets of our time is the same as making our feelings, state of being, condition on a specific time, or generally a version of our old self be something we can appreciate in the future. It's like a power to rewind things that can only be done by writing or recording.

5. We get the privilege of CHOOSING - We get to choose what to write and record about in our own phase and preference. It may not apply to all generally speaking but the essence and freedom of having to decide on things here are evident comparing it to having the 9 to 5 job.   

I remember back then, inviting bloggers/vloggers for any work-related campaign is always my first go-to project. Why? Because it is not only effective immediately but it also works overtime which makes it an efficient thing to do. And as the new generation emerge where their phones on their hands are almost there 24/7 and them looking up more to these online content influencers as the new celebrities of our time, It seems social media will really play a big role as the new dominant platform for not only for marketing but for almost everything.

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5 perks of blogging/vlogging as a blogger/vlogger 5 perks of blogging/vlogging as a blogger/vlogger Reviewed by Michael on March 16, 2021 Rating: 5


  1. I have to agree with you that blogging and vlogging really always us to be creative and communicate with the world about the stuff we enjoy.

  2. Great content. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. Great content. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Great points. I've been blogging for a while and I think of it more as documenting my own growth.

    1. Why not?! You do you. can be classified on no.4 though hehe

  5. I love blogging! It has opened up my eyes to so many new avenues of the world, so many new hobbies, and I've made so many online friends from all over the world. The blogging and creative community is such a friendly one too; it feels so good to be a part of it!

  6. Blogging and vlogging are great ways to express your creativity and express yourself. I love that you can always be learning and tap into your curious side.

  7. I had been blogging since years so yes I agree that blogging vlogging truly makes us creative.

  8. I like being blogger because it makes my life better and gives me freedom

  9. Absolutely true! I especially love - "We make the intangible tangible." Yes!

  10. Thank you for this very informative that I can adapt as a content creator.


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