Wave and Breezes by City of Dreams - Nobu | Alfresco dining

We visited an alfresco dining place that may have one of the best background views ever and these pictures below will serve as proof. Do these glittering golden buildings combined with the neat nature landscape enough for you to visit? I bet it is!

breezes alfresco
Breezes alfresco dining

Breezes by City of Dreams Manila is one of the connected food places being offered with Wave and Nobu Restaurant who all shares this epic alfresco dining spot. I initially reserved contacting Wave but since they have a prior booking taking the whole place for an event, we were transferred here leading me to discover more about them.

We arrived at sunset time which is the target and the place worked with us big time. The staff was friendly and very easy to get along with. 

breezes entrance

Their indoor dining area is as pretty neat as the alfresco views outside so choosing either the indoor or the outdoor dining will be a winner.

breezes indoor dining
indoor dining

breezes indoor set up
indoor set up

michael at breezes
cozy place

I would personally choose to stay at their indoor dining area since it was cold, comfortable, classy and with entertainment in the forms of the televisions around, the smell inside, and how the whole vibe was giving it.. but since we have to feature the alfresco dining in line with the pandemic, we chose to stay outside. Haha!

Let's go? Let's!

alfresco couch dining
couch dining

This alfresco couch dining is directly located just outside their indoor dining area and it was a sight to see. Who would not want a couch with these kinds of views, right? And mind you, all of these set ups are pool-side.

pool beside breezes
pool beside breezes

Massage huts for your massage-needing muscles..

massage huts

And how better can it still get? How about a wide landscape to treat your eyes not only to see some greenies but to some colorful flowers too! IG worthy, check!

COD alfresco landscape
 City of Dreams (COD) alfresco landscape

COD alfresco walkways
COD alfresco water walkways

COD alfresco garden
COD alfresco garden

After roaming, you know what's next! Can you smell the food already?! Haha! As much as I would like to try their specialty burger which is The Wave Burger, it was not available that time maybe due to it was already sold out because of the booked event. So, what we had here were the following:

crispy pork belly
crispy pork belly

pizza bianca
pizza bianca

caesar salad

crispy chicken sandwich
crispy chicken sandwich

I am happy to say that they were all good and the serving sizes were big! As expected, prices will be a bit higher than the average but it's quite reasonable as you also paid for the ambiance and everything around. It was a discovery too using the flavored lettuces of the salad and eating it with the chicken burger. Yummy! Haha! Does that make it a salad burger then? I guess not.. Lol.

Anyway, our visit here was a breath of fresh air literally and figuratively. I never imagined doing alfresco dining can be this cool. And by the way, make sure to experience the night views too as it can also beautify on its own during late times.

Breezes at night
night lights at Breezes

I will be providing their contact information below so you can check them out in advance and book a reservation just like what we did. And make sure to check their web pages for their menu, planning what you want to eat there will help you a lot.

night alfresco dining
night alfresco dining

 Here is a little preview of our visit
Wave and Breezes by City of Dreams ... x
Wave and Breezes by City of Dreams visit
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: Level 1 pool deck, Nuwa, Tower 2 - City of Dreams
Operating hours: 7:00AM to 11:00AM, 12:00NN to 9:00PM daily
Contact nos.: (02) 8691 7781 or (02) 8800 8080

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Wave and Breezes by City of Dreams - Nobu | Alfresco dining Wave and Breezes by City of Dreams - Nobu | Alfresco dining Reviewed by Michael on November 19, 2021 Rating: 5


  1. oh wow!!! No words!!! The interiors are stunning! I would love to spend a couple of weeks there.

  2. The background, interior décor and the architectural design are just wow! The food looks good too. Nice one.

  3. the place looks fab, so welcoming and stylish. I would love to spend my time there. the food looks inviting as well, I'd love to grab a bite

  4. missing the ambiance of Nobu!! i bet food tastes so great there!

  5. The indoor dining area looks just as nice as the outdoor patio! That crispy chicken sandwich looks delicious! The pool is very pretty too!

  6. This looks like a really great place to visit. It looks amazing at night time with the pretty lights.

  7. Wow!! It does look fabulous. The message huts reminds me of the cabanas while on holiday in Mexico. I haven't been on holiday in years. Let's hope that I get to go soon after everything settles on planet earth.

  8. Oh wow this place looks beautiful. I’m feeling very hungry now! X

  9. Wonderful ambience. I had visited Manila a few years ago, truly wish I had dined here. I loved Nobu in Dubai, I am sure Nobu Manila would be as phenomenal.

  10. We love City of Dreams. Whenever we are in Manila, we usually stay in Nobu and I agree with you that this place is great. It is also not too crowded so, it is big plus especially this pandemic.

    By the way, the crispy pork belly looks good.

    Happy to know you enjoyed your visit.

  11. This looks like a lovely spot for dinner! I really like the look of the outdoor area, I'm a sucker for outdoor dining! Bethan x

  12. wow this place is on my list. i can't to try it!


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