Ghost Coffee review | Collab space and events

Doing a single turn while on your usual route can make a difference and might let you discover something really good. Well, If you are crossing along Marcos Hi-way (Marikina-Infanta Hwy), you might want to literally do it and find an awesome and thriving place that many are enjoying already.

ghost coffee couch alfresco dining
couch alfresco dining

Ghost Coffee is an all-in-one place for dining, coffee, study, meetings, and even events. It is a modernly designed place that is quite flexible to cater to a wide range of customers and it doesn't matter from what generation you belong to. Lol.

We went here for a quick relaxing coffee break before going to the badminton court for some exercise and it was something to appreciate. I had the cafe mocha from their frozen brews and it was at par in reference to the other popular brands we have here which one of them is just their friendly neighborhood. Haha!

frozen brew cafe mocha
cafe mocha

They actually serve a handful of food lines. Aside from all the different types of coffee, they also serve some pasta, all-day breakfast meals, burgers and sandwiches, and our all-favorite cakes and desserts! Isn't that a sight to see!?

cakes and desserts
cakes and desserts

One of their flagship features is that their place is a very working-friendly space good for research, study, and/or meetings and I can really see why (see pictures below). Free wifi connections are available and electric sockets are scattered so it's really a laptop/mobile phone haven.

laptop corner
laptop corner

high center table
high center table

Wall decors? Check! Neatly done, actually.

wall decors
wall decors

Their collab spaces for meetings and events are located on their 2nd-floor area. It's actually pretty neat to look at too (just like below) and the spaces are well used. It looks minimalistic to me which I am really digging in. Good job Ghost Coffee! #teamkahoy

2nd floor ghost coffee
2nd floor

collab rooms and spaces
collab rooms/spaces

And speaking of the pandemic, they are actually ready and in trend! If you are one of the people who recently turned into becoming a "plantito" or "plantita", they have a spot for you and it is not just your ordinary or simple space because it is humongous in size!

Featuring their spacious alfresco dining area.

ghost coffee alfresco
alfresco area

ghost coffee alfresco dining
alfresco dining

ghost coffee open-air dining
open-air dining

I like how balanced this place is. They still managed to make it look modern despite how the fans and the plants were scattered. When we got the little time to spend here, it was really comfortable taking in some of the factors like temperature, neatness, views, ambiance, and the totality of how it felt like staying there. The spacing in between tables helped a lot.

- outdoor dining, check!
- air circulation, check!
- social distancing, check!
- plants around, check! (lol)

ghost coffee outdoor dining
outdoor dining

Every spot on their alfresco dining was well thought of and it is a commendable trait about their team behind. So don't worry as you'll get that Instagrammable photo of yours when you visit here easily.

Inside the establishment
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: Lansangang Marikina-Infanta, Barangay Mayamot, Antipolo, 1870
Operating hours: 7:00AM to 9:00PM daily
Contact nos.: 0919 075 5498

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Ghost Coffee review | Collab space and events Ghost Coffee review | Collab space and events Reviewed by Michael on December 02, 2021 Rating: 5


  1. WOW, the place looks amazing, I love the interior and how they designed it! I would love to visit the place and taste their coffee, for sure it will be amazing!

  2. The place looks absolutely fantastic! I would love to spend the whole day working here or just chilling! Kaso sa antipolo huhuhu. Ang layo from manila huhuhu

  3. Mukhang very cozy sya. Kahit maghapon ako dyan ok na ok sa kin. Haha. I like discovering and trying out new cafes.

  4. the place looks good at parang nakaka relax talaga ang aura. its seems masarap mag work jan oh! tapos coffee pa more! its around the area, i hope to drop by it one day

  5. Are those artwork display up for sale? I'm curious where do they source their coffee beans?
    This new coffee hub looks so lovely!

  6. I'm not fond of co-working and really love the idea of working remotely AT HOME, which I've been doing for the past 9 years. However, if we do have to co-work, I'd love to have designer coffee within reach, so panalo that place, in my opinion.


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