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What's your favorite feature of your mobile phone right now? With a lot of specifications in terms of its uses and physicality that cater to our own needs, did an answer pop up immediately in your head? Well, let's see about our featured product for this post and I will be sharing my personal take about it.

Nokia G50
Nokia G50 unit

Nokia G50 recently just got released not more than 2 mos. ago (pre-order basis) and upon initially seeing it, I thought it'll just be another ordinary android phone with a little difference in size and updated applications but it was not exactly the case. It was way more than that.


The phone design is quite slick which I very much appreciate. Minimalist? Definitely!

In mobile phones, sizes are critical because it is subjective. With a screen display of nearly 7" (6.82 inches to be exact) which is generally bigger than what I am used to, it still works for me perfectly! Though I understand that some people like their mobile phones smaller, but with the trend going to the way of online streaming, cryptocurrency gaming, and blogging/vlogging.. the bigger screen display helps big time.

I also randomly saw an online durability test video cracking nuts using the G50 unit and I was struck in a good way! Even though I personally want to test it myself (lol), I will just let you guys watch the video at this link here. I don't have the means to risk my unit and obviously, they do this for us to see and not for us to do similar. Haha!

3 camera phone, check! We will dig into more details about this below.

ocean blue and midnight sun
ocean blue and midnight sun


Front camera : ✔ (8MP)
Rear camera: ✔ (48 MP Main AF + 5 MP Ultrawide + 2 MP Depth Rear flash LED)

Bluetooth: ✔ (5.0)
Headphone jack: ✔ (3.5 mm)
Location: ✔ (GPS/AGPS, BDS, Galileo)
USB Connection: ✔ (USB Type-C, USB 2.0)
WIFI: ✔ (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax-ready)

Battery & Charging
Battery: ✔ (Non removable 5000 mAh)
Quick charging: ✔ (18W compatible)

Memory & Storage
Internal storage: ✔ (128 GB)
Micro SD card support up to: ✔ (512 GB)
RAM: ✔ (4 GB / 6 GB)

Microphones: ✔ (2)
FM Radio: ✔

Fingerprint sensor: ✔
Face unlock: ✔


Height: 8.85 mm
Length: 173.83 mm
Width: 77.68 mm
Weight: 220 g


* Charger
* Jelly Case
* Screen Protector
* Headset
* Quick Start Guide
* USB Type C Cable

inside the Nokia G50 box
inside the Nokia G50 box


> Automatic watermark on images captured - As a blogger, putting my logo on each published picture can be a daunting task but with this feature, it will save a lot of post-process editing time.

> Selfie stabilization - No need to purchase a separate stabilizer for those selfie pictures and videos as Nokia G50 can do it for you with ease. This feature will produce more professional outputs adding quality to it.


The ultrawide shot on the camera was a thing for me back then and mobile phones who have that feature are quite expensive. Now, with almost half the price compared back then, this G50 will be a bias to many that come with even more features. The Nokia G50 camera has modes like slow motion, professional mode, and dual sight ability.

I tried charging the unit and with only a few minutes plugged, it went to being nearly fully charged immediately. Good job Nokia! Well, my first mobile unit was from them as well and they really are well-known to produce sturdy units with long battery life so let's count those points in.

Lastly, with a wider screen area, taking pictures and videos now becomes more flexible in terms of proportions. You can now select not only from either portrait or landscape mode because 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, to even using the full screen are now available to use (including the ultrawide shot). I am actually scared that my viewing time watching online movies and videos will get even longer than before now having this. Mixed emotions. XD

Michael x Nokia G50
Michael x Nokia G50


As I consider this an affordable or a budget 5G mobile phone compared to other brands, this is a great choice if you are looking for a solid phone that will last. A great investment for people (like me) who are more into "userability" than being flashy. I rarely change phones since I am usually invested when I use one and the only unit of time measurement when I do is years so it is a perfect fit for me. With the 3-years of monthly updates and 2-years of OS updates, it is worth it, indeed. 

And since the unit can take great photos and it works, I am good with it and certainly satisfied. For more details about the Nokia G50 unit, simply follow the given link(s) below and feel free to share your insights in the comment section.

Love it? Yes! Trust it? Why not. Keep it? Definitely!

Get one now here in this link

Web page: click here for more information

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Nokia G50 features, specs and review | 5G mobile phone Nokia G50 features, specs and review | 5G mobile phone Reviewed by Michael on December 13, 2021 Rating: 5


  1. Nokia makes durable phones so this should suit you for its capabilities and price range. Every blogger loves a good camera on their phone.

  2. As an amateur photographer I'm always surprised to see how the cameras on phones are continuing to get better with each passing year making it a no brainer to use your phone to handle the video and photography needs of your business.

  3. Love the fact the battery charge lasts longer and that it can take good pictures. Nice review !

  4. I've not owned a Nokia in a while now. This one looks like it has the necessary features I'd be looking for.

  5. I like the product. Definitely durability and fast charging is great to me. I also like a touch of design in the round camera area, it looks pretty

  6. From reading this, sounds like you are really up on your tech stuff that's for sure!

  7. Totally Agree with you Kemi esp. on that last phrase LOL

  8. My current top priority is to have a great camera on my phone, while catering to my budget as well.

  9. I had no idea Nokia released a new phone. It is nice to know that there are a lot of choices available in the market today. Finding a budget phone with a good camera is great. Thank you sharing your review.


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