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I never thought that getting Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) certificates such as birth, marriage, and death certificates including CENOMAR has been this easy and convenient just by ordering it all online and being delivered to our doorsteps.

PSA helpine PH
PSA helpline

My mother recently needed death certificates for a personal transaction so I will be sharing here what we did using As we only needed the said kind of certificate, other certificates may need other requirements and information but the more important thing here is that the process should serve as a general guide.

So let's start?

1. Go to their site (

PSA home page
PSA home page

2. Click "order now" on the specific certificate needed

PSA certificates
PSA certificates

2a. Choose the certificate type

certificate type
certificate type

2b. Death certificate info 1

death certificate info1
death certificate info1

2c. Death certificate details needed

death certificate details needed
death certificate details

* Make sure to get these details ready as you'll fill everything on the next steps using them.

request order
requesting order

From here, the process should be mostly filling in details and selecting appropriate given choices on the forms so make sure to double-check everything before continuing to the next forms. Once you're done, you should be able to reach this payment selection just like the picture below:

payment time
payment options

A unique reference no. should be generated on the upper right part of the box and make sure to copy or store it. That 10-digit reference no. can be used to track the status of the order by clicking the "check status" button on the home page.

Cost breakdown:

+ Courier fee: P50,00
+ Convenience fee: P160.00
+ Document fee: P155.00
Total: P365.00

(Delivery reminder: It takes about 3 to 4 working days within Metro Manila and 3 to 8 working days outside Metro Manila deliveries. Updates are given through your given email address and mobile number)

3. Simply pay it on your preferred payment option and wait for your order to be delivered. And that's it! We're done! It's that simple.


* You must be 18 years old and above to be able to order
* You need to receive the certificate(s) yourself (authorization letter will not work)
* Present the valid government-issued ID upon delivery
* After 2 attempts of delivery with 30 days lead time, payments may be forfeited 

For more frequently asked questions (FAQ), visit this link.

And after 3 working days, it was delivered smoothly! We received a text from the courier earlier that day and recieved all three certificates we ordered before lunch time.

certificates delivered by PSAhelpline
certificates delivered

As we go through this pandemic and hopefully soon endemic, such service that do not need any personal contact is a privilege. Not only that it saves time but the convenience of processing is just an opportunity to grab so let's maximize everything. Finishing a complete transaction only takes a few minutes so enjoy the feature fully. Good job PSA helpline!

If you prefer contacting them personally, feel free to reach them through the given details below:

Contact nos.: 28 737-1111

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