Home projector by LUMOS RAY Projector Review | Smart home cinema

If you have been targeting to have your own home cinema just like me, either this is one of the major things to have to make it happen or simply this is the answer we have been waiting for! It even comes with so much more than what I initially have expected and "smarter" is the perfect word for it.

LUMOS RAY (smart) unit
LUMOS RAY (smart) unit

I am ecstatic to present to you this home cinema projector by LUMOS, the LUMOS RAY (Smart).

I am pretty sure that movies and different series accompanied us during the pandemic while staying at home as they became part of our daily routines for a good family or "me" time the past years until now. But with LUMOS RAY Smart, this is definitely a game-changer increasing the level of entertainment by a notch.


The unit is very much modernly designed which has a futuristic vibe that makes it look cool and suave. And as you guys know me of being a fan of minimalist-designed things, this one surely belongs. Its size (16x17x15 cm) and weight (1.2 KG) are perfect to be described as handy and portable making its "userability" in the physical sense very nice. The unit is not that big saving more space and not that light securing its position in place.

LUMOS RAY very handy and portable
very handy and portable


Projected screen size: 50 to 150 inch (12.5 ft.)
Projection distance: 1.5 to 4.5 meters (14.7 ft.)
Native resolution: 720p BluRay (1080 support)
LED lamp life: >50,000 hours
Brightness: 3,000 Lumens
Contrast ratio: 3,000:1

LUMOS RAY (smart) setup
LUMOS RAY (smart) setup

Speaker:  403X x 2 (Dolby audio support)

Interfaces: AV / HDMI x1 /USB x1
Bluetooth 4.0

back of LUMOS RAY
back of the unit

Memory & Storage

Power and Supply
AC110-240, 50/60Hz
Consumption 60W

1 Year

Operating System
Android 9.0


* Projector
* User Manual
* Power cable
* AV cable
* HMDI cable
* Remore control (needs 2x triple A batteries)

in the box LUMOS RAY
in the box


✔ Screencast: 
Inbuilt Airplay/AirScreen for iPhones & Samsung phones
Miracast for Android phones

✔ Built-in Apps
App Play Store


✔ Massive screen projection with HD clear resolution 
Less wires [depends on the setup]
✔ "Premuity" all-in-one
    ^ HD clear resolution (great visuals)
    ^ Dolby speakers (excellent sound quality
    ^ Polished unit (modern appearance)


I am digging the screencast feature as I can share my mobile screen conveniently with ease and even make it bigger without sacrificing the quality. Now, doing tutorials playing Axie and presenting business or personal presentations are some of the practical applications I can think of where LUMOS RAY can be of use, well, aside from watching movies, YouTube videos, and series on Netflix. Another thing is that we actually watch our church's live sermon online and this will magnify our viewing and listening experience big time! Thank you and cheers to that LUMOS RAY! We will also use this as the central media during our family parties and clan reunions where we play fun and exciting games!

central media party LUMOS RAY
central media party

Aside from its massive screen projection area that can cover bigger than 12 ft., I like that it's "smart" thus making it possible to be used with less wires. Man, it's so satisfying to see a clean working setup.

Con? To be able to maximize its full potential, it is ideal to have a flat white surface in a dark room. Though it still works in broad daylight, it's just more efficient with that setup. And a little reminder about having 2 triple A batteries for the remote control.

LUMOS RAY x Michael
LUMOS RAY x Michael


With its various and flexible uses, having a LUMOS RAY (Smart) unit is definitely a smart choice. With its compatibility with our smartphones, its functions can grow with it. To be honest, I thought having my own home cinema will cost more but with LUMOS' arrival, I now believe that it is really achievable at an affordable price. I think I even saved some bucks from buying a surround sound setup with those pumping Dolby speakers.

With this plot that happened, it makes me excited to watch action-packed and high definition graphic movies using LUMOS RAY. Conclusion? Buy one now before their promo ends. Visit the given links below for their official pages. 

Get one now here in this link

Web page: click here for more information

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Home projector by LUMOS RAY Projector Review | Smart home cinema Home projector by LUMOS RAY Projector Review | Smart home cinema Reviewed by Michael on April 10, 2022 Rating: 5


  1. The LUMOS RAY Smart projector looks great. I love the design, and can see this working so well for people looking to create a cinema room, at a decent price.

  2. I've read about a similar product the last day and now yours... Is it a sign that I have to buy one? hahaha This one looks good, nice review. - Paolo

  3. That reminds me of our family gathers to watch dia slides

  4. looks like a nice product. I currently look for a similar item for my new home. I will add it to my list to check

  5. The image is so crisp wow!!! I thought the image would be a bit blurry. I would love to get the projector.

  6. It's my dream to have a home theatre, I guess I will be getting this projector at home and get some popcorns ready for a movie marathon!

  7. We actually purchased our current house because it had the perfect room for a home theater. That was 4 years ago and we still haven't created one--we just aren't into movies like we once were.
    ~Paula Richie

  8. My Husband has been looking at home projectors lately! I will definitely be passing this along to him!

  9. This is great. I love the size of it, truly a great gift idea for almost anyone!

  10. It is for sure the perfect size. I think this would make a good gift for mostly anyone.

  11. Wow, this really looks compact and lightweight. Perfect for my apartment which is so tiny.

  12. I would love to get a projector. This one looks good!

  13. I am loving this projector and have wanted something. like this to use for family movie night during the summer in our backyard ;) Love it and definitely checking this one out ;)

  14. Creating a home cinema is a great visual effect! It gives a special touch to watching from home.

  15. We have been thinking about getting a projector for our bedroom as we cannot put a TV on the wall and dont want to give space up to a unit. This one looks like a really good size! I have seen so many others that are far too bulky for our space.

  16. The Lumos Ray looks like a super cool home projector! I love how small it is!

  17. We switched to a projector about 5 years ago and the tech has come a LONG way! Love that this one is small and portable! Perfect for outdoor movies in summer!

  18. projector at home is a blessing! I have one and I love it absolutely! Wouldn't change anything even one bit. this option looks wonderful as well

  19. What a great option for home cinema, I did't knew! Thank you for showing us, I love a good cinema session!

  20. We also have the LUMOS Ray Smart and we love it! So easy to use + great video quality.


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