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This pandemic hit us in many ways and it includes not only the decline of our health but our general physical fitness. Home workouts and having personal trainers became the first options for most of us and I am pretty sure that this fitness coach/trainer can help in many ways and be a solution to those difficulties.

coach John Robert Pascual
coach Robert

He is John Robert Pascual or coach Robert for short. He is a passionate fitness trainer and a fitness coach to many. With his love and raw intentions of being physically fit before, he now grew and is considered a professional in the physical fitness coaching industry and more.

With an impressive winning background in various fitness competitions, there is no doubt that he belongs here:

coach robert competing

- Manila Throwdown 2016 Scaled Division (2nd Place
- The Fittest 2018 RX Division (2nd Place)
- Battle of The North 2019 Coaches Division (2nd Place)
- The Fittest 2019 Elite Division (3rd Place)
- Manila Throwdown 2019 Team Edition Scaled Division (2nd Place

A little more about coach Robert..

He started working out waaay back in highschool but had no idea how to properly lift.. literally "buhat lang talaga at makinig sa mga kasama sa gym". He also tried running (2014) but since it was not enough to reach his physical goal, he stopped. A year after that, he started working in a local fitness gym (Skyhigh Fitness) and it was the start of his great fitness journey knowing more about Crossfit.

And since then and until now, he still enjoys working out not just to be a good example to his clients but also to stay healthy. Well, coach Robert truly lives by the fitness phrase that bodybuilding is a lifestyle.

Fit with Robert
Fit with Robert

Sample program: I gave a list of things I have at home and let him suggest a simple whole body workout program that I can do, daily.

Things I have:

> 1x Bench press
> 2x 10-pound dumbbells

> 1x free weight dumbbell
> 1x free weight barbell
> 4x ring weights
 - 2x 10 pounds
 - 2x 15 pounds

My personal goal would be, to do a 1 hr. sustainable balance workout (daily). I want to prevent having a big tummy so having a flat one and maintaining it is the mission. So his recommended program is as follows:

A1. 8/8 Bulgarian Split Squats
A2. 10 L Sit Shoulder Press

B1. 10-20 Strict Push Ups
B2. 10-20 DB Stiff Legged Deadlift
B3. 20 Alternating V Ups

* Currently, only the push-ups, and the V-ups are the ones I was doing before so inserting all the rest in this list is going to happen. And just like me, you can contact him thru his Facebook fan page Fit with Robert where more details about his services (and testimonials) can be seen.
testimonials about Fit with Robert

For him, in terms of knowledge, almost all coaches are equipped with the basics. The only difference with his training style is he also applies everything he knows from his nursing background to his practice including his care for his clients. He verbatimly said "Madali mag aral ng fitness, mahirap maging genuine yung care mo sa clients."

Yes, you heard it right and for sure, one of the reasons why he excels in this craft is that he is at the same time a registered nurse, a certified rehab trainer, and a certified IASTM (instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization) provider too. It's like an all-in-one package in one person where recommendations or even consultations will surely be backed up with experience and science. Great job, coach Robert! Lodi. I bet the work and discipline behind these credentials are incredible.

coach Robert on duty
coach Robert on duty

So if you need any assistance, guidance, or direction generally about fitness, Fit with Robert will be a perfect fit as a solution to that problem. He may actually be a fitness geek in a good way (lol) so let coach Robert help and educate you to reach that fitness goal in no time.

Fit with Robert services

Trivia: For him, his best asset is his legs so he loves training them more. He claims that it runs in their genes to have great legs so his favorite exercises are the different variations of squats. So, is your leg day your favorite too? XD

Base address: Marikina City 
Email address: [email protected]

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  1. That sounds like a great way to get healthy during this pandemic.

  2. I love that he is passionate about fitness. He is my kind of guy.

  3. Sounds like he is a great fitness trainer. It's so nice to have programs out there like these. I personally love that more and more are able to have videos for others to watch now days too.

  4. Wow! He looks like a really great fitness trainer! Being fit is so important, staying healthy is also like taking care of our family the more we take care of ourselves the more we can take care of our family.

  5. It seems like having a personal fitness coach would be really beneficial in staying motivated and having proper direction on how to work out in a way that suits your goals best!

  6. This sounds like a wonderful trainer. Staying fit and healthy is so important.

  7. My son is always looking for new work outs, and training classes. Coach Robert sounds like a great trainer.

  8. Having something to be passionate about is such a great thing! And being able to help other people through your passion is even better. - Hannah Bures

  9. I really admire people who always makes time for that - getting fit. More power to him. - LYNNDEE

  10. I was glad to know coach Robert. It's a life example for us. We should always do physical activity to stay healthy!

  11. It is nice to have so many options like this. I haven't heard of this program, and it sounds like a convenient option to try.

  12. I really need to get my behind back into the gym and strength train. Working out at home, is difficult for me because I lack the motivation.

  13. It's always fun to work with someone with a passion for what he does.

  14. Sounds like a wonderful trainer, keeping fit is so much fun

  15. He sounds like a wonderful trainer to work with and it's nice and clear to see that he is someone passionate in fitness.


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