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I have dreamt of having my own restaurant once in my life and thanks to this website, I felt how it's like to manage one. And boy, it's really different when it's game time, and how much more even when it's in real life?! I know they are "just" online games but the pressures here are sooo real (in a good way, lol). home page
home page

The site is but the one we will touch is their online games located in this page.

They literally got hundreds on their list so feel free to check their site out. The categories line up from educational, business-related, and to even fun food-themed games. They are all kid-friendly but I bet many adults like me still play their games from time to time because not only that they are fun but I actually learn from them too which I'll share below accordingly.

Two of my favorite games are the following:

pizza cafe
pizza cafe

Simply serve pizza to your customers and satisfy them via giving your best service to earn and level up your cafe. 

It seemed so simple in reading but the challenge here is the degree of speed & accuracy, multi-tasking, management, and mastery you need to perform. Just like in real life, it takes many experiences to be good at something and that will be taught here.

pizza cafe tutorial

Customers will show up at your cafe and you have to make their orders accordingly. Each order requires specific ingredients and you have to make them one by one. You have limited ingredients so ordering supplies is a must and the catch here is that your budget will be dependent on your cafe's performance.

pizza cafe gameplay
pizza cafe gameplay

The game will start simply with customers showing up slowly and ordering the same pizza many times. As the game progress, the difficulty level catches up when the customers appear simultaneously ordering different kinds of pizza requiring different ingredients. If those are not enough, customers' satisfaction is measured on the hearts above their heads and disappears when they are not served before it runs out.

The struggles are real because everything is time constrained and happens all at the same time. Pressures are everywhere so don't expect to perform well on your first tries. Again, mastery takes time and experience. You'll get a hang of it accordingly after some playing experiences.

What did I realize after playing the game? That things may look simple on the outside but some of them require a lot of effort and preparation behind. The gameplay may be complicated already for some but in real life, so many aspects were still not included like the following:

> acquiring customers
> designing the cafe
> offering other side products
> granting some customers side requests
> paying taxes / other expenses

and the list can continue..

But such games like this are where some of the dreams begin and I am so happy I get to share them.

chocolate shop
chocolate shop

Just like the pizza shop game, simply serve chocolate orders to your customers and give the best of your efforts to earn and level up your shop.

how to play chocolate shop
how to play

The mechanics are quite similar but the only major difference here is that you have a specific character representing yourself here. She walks accordingly and would only interact and take action with tasks in front of her making moves more limited.

chocolate shop gameplay
chocolate shop gameplay

Here, customers will show up in the shop and you have to take their orders within the given time. Each order varies in shape and you have to make them one by one using the chocolate machine maker. instead of hearts representing their waiting time, here, their bubble chats slowly get filled until their patience last.

One of the main takeaways here is about manpower. You will really feel how limited your actions are because of your character movements' limitations. A person can only do so much in terms of multi-tasking so this is where management skills come into play.


And these 2 games are just a glimpse of what they offer.. just image choosing from hundreds..

other game categories
other categories

They even have games inspired by famous cartoons characters and some other popular console games.

other games by
other games

I remember being so addicted to these kinds of games (life, social, and business simulation) especially when they rose during the early 2000s. I have played all kinds of it from building my own city, theme park, and hospital, and now to even cooking and applying such ideas to businesses. I am just so happy finding online versions of them here all for FREE and can be played without any registration needed. It's so convenient! Great job!

I appreciated them so much because they let me learn many things, especially about food-related businesses and professions looking at it from a different perspective in a fun way. They make learning interesting and very enjoyable.

P.S. Screenshots used here are for merely posting for example purposes. My actual records differ (haha)! Sharing this to serve as an illustration..

pizza cafe record
pizza cafe level 3

If you have reached a higher level than this, let me know thru the comment section below.

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  1. these games are useful din especially for younger kids. it gives them the ideas on how a professional kitchen works. i think we've tried something like this before.

  2. Oh love this foof business game, gusto ko to ipa-try sa niece ko for sure mageenjoy siya sa mga games na yan. :)

  3. aliw tong games na to! i love sushi making nun lalo na nun preggo pa ako kay bagets. ngayon he's the one playing these games na! ito he wants to play daw with the pizza game

  4. Wow ang ganda naman po nito,sure na nakakaenjoy ito!love this business online game♥️


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