Beyond the Crust Marikina | Pizza burger

Who would not want to eat a food item that is both pizza and burger in one, right? Yes, we do have pizza that is burger-flavored and our burgers (and sandwiches) include most of the regular pizza ingredients but this one seems to be different. Well, feel free to judge based on the given photo below.

pizza burger by beyond the crust Marikina
pizza burger

Beyond the crust Marikina serves their signature chunky pizza burgers daily satisfying customers one order at a time. With the growing demand for their pizza burgers, I just wanted to share my personal take on their product. Their concept and presentation are very pleasing and appetizing which capture the online market in a flash and these are the things you should expect when you buy your first.

3 in 1 pizza burger
3-in-1 pizza burger

All of their pizza burgers are default-ly sliced in 8 which depends on the flavor. They have 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 flavors too if you want to be served with variety. Basically, it's 2 whole crusts on top of each other where all the beef and leafy greenies are found in between, and the rest of the toppings are found on top. 

If you want to see how thick they are, well, here is your graphical answer below:

thick pizza burgers
thick pizza burgers

I like how chunky the beef is in between which makes every bite sumptuous. The presence of the greenies is actually a surprise for me but I am so happy seeing them there. Lol. It's quite hard to eat them neatly (which I tried to) but I guess devouring them and getting dirty is part of the experience.

Beyond the crust free mug
free mug

We were blessed enough to order while they were celebrating a milestone. We got this free mug that came with the pizza burger so thanks again, Beyond D Crust. A souvenir on our first order is really something to appreciate.

By the way, I ordered through their Facebook page and they responded well. It was very easy and they accommodate properly. They actually stand by what they post and announce online so expect their responses consistently.

Beyond D Crust Marikina
Beyond D Crust Marikina

I was initially planning to only eat 2 slices upon receiving the delivery but managed to finish 3 of them in one seating. I was craving a burger at that time so maybe that energized my hunger and personally, the best part of the pizza was eating the center. It was all beefilicous! Haha!

As you might see, they deliver the orders presentably in a box and foiled which says something good about their professionality in giving their service. Anyway, let me know if you have tried them by commenting on the box below or if you haven't yet, I think this is the sign you are waiting for. ;) 

Address: 226 Narra Street Cor. West drive, Marikina Heights
Contact no.: 0965 240  7188
Operating hours: 12:00NN to 9:00PM daily
Beyond d crust logo

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Beyond the Crust Marikina | Pizza burger Beyond the Crust Marikina | Pizza burger Reviewed by Michael on December 05, 2022 Rating: 5


  1. Omg wow ang sarap sarap namn nitong pizza burger . Perfect ito sa mga kagaya ko na mahilig sa pizza at burger . Sulit na sulit 😍

  2. Ohhh woww ,yummy pizza burger 🤤 nakakatakam

  3. Gusto ko itry yung 3in1 pizza burger😍 sulit na sulit kasi di tinipid yung ingredients nya, arrghh nakakatakam😭 -margditass

  4. Omg grabe nakakatakam naman ang sarap niyan😋

  5. So delicious and perfect to all pizza lovers like me! Want to try this pizza burger, so unique and nakaka pang crave. Sure na sulit na sulit and masasatisfied ang cravings 🤤🥰

  6. grabe sa overload si burger pizza😍🤤 solve ka talaga dito! appreciate the blog💖


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