Must-see public areas inside Okada Manila

I have been visiting many establishments near this place (and heard a lot about them) but have never been inside it until now. Well, all I can say is that it is worth the wait and they can truly be called an entertainment city indeed. Aside from the shops and restaurants, let's see what areas can be seen inside this entertainment district.

pearl wing inside Okada
pearl wing

Okada Manila, or the so-called "Entertainment City", houses a lot of entertainment facilities on a grand scale. For example, this wing is just one of their lobbies for accepting guests which also serves as a reception area for general purposes.

The place is filled with beautiful corridors connecting different parts of the whole place. The vibe is nearing a castle-like experience installed with many photo-op corners just like this picture below.

photo op corner Okada
photo op corner

One of their pride areas is this crystal corridor which is built with see-through glasses exposing their massive performing fountain in the center. This area contains some of their specialty restaurants which includes Enbu where we ate at that time.

crystal corridor Okada
crystal corridor

Since it was my first time, I invited them to roam around and see more of the place. One of the areas we got to see (which was out of the way lol) was "The Cove". The cove is specifically a giant see-through events place with an indoor pool and a stage that transforms into a beach club and a nightclub accordingly.

The Cove Okada
The Cove

Some of the perks are member exclusive and to those who stay in their hotel so if you want to explore more of this area, feel free to do those. Two of the areas we missed were the garden and the outdoor pool in the coral wing outside but those are good reasons to go back, right? Haha!

One of the main reasons we visited Okada was because of their water fountain show and it did not disappoint. I was actually very curious about this one since I already saw the Bellagio water fountain show in Vegas so I can't help but compare this to that.

Okada water fountain
Okada fountain

There is no doubt that the one in Vegas is definitely bigger but the entertainment value this one brought me was really really good. To be honest, I was not expecting that much but it delivered! The experience is still a recommendable one especially since we don't get to see anything like this every day. It's definitely worth the visit! Feel free to watch one of the fountain's performances here.

This is our video walking around Okada
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: New Seaside Dr, Entertainment City, Paranaque, Manila
Contact nos.: 632 8888 0777
Okada logo

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Must-see public areas inside Okada Manila Must-see public areas inside Okada Manila Reviewed by Michael on December 04, 2022 Rating: 5


  1. Ang ganda ganda tlga sa okada , ang saya na maka experience na makapunta dito . Thank you for sharing this 😍

  2. Woww ang ganda ng OKADA
    sa bawat sulok po diyan,talagang nakakaamazed

  3. South peeps here! The gem and the best of south

  4. Napaka ganda talaga dito SA Okada ma eenjoy mo Yung lugar...

  5. Nice place po, mas visit po talaga 😘😘😘

  6. Omg ang ganda ganda talaga dito so nice experience yong mapunta sa gantong lugar.
    Lakas talaga maka sosyal 😍thank for the details po.

  7. One of the nicest place to visit😍 such a nice place! Appreciate this blog😊

  8. Ganda pasyalab dito😍 pang instagrammable talaga, perfect puntahan ng pamilya👍 -margditass


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