Chocolate chip cookies by Chuffed Treats

One random craving night, I suddenly felt the urge to eat some chocolate chip cookies and stumbled on a post online offering them. It was posted on a local foodie group for our city and thank you, Lord, they are just a few streets away from us.

chocolate chip cookies by chuffed treats
box of 4 (chocolate chip cookies)

Chuffed Treats is currently based here in Marikina City. They deliver orders accordingly via booking them using the food delivery service applications. They offer a variety of desserts including moist cakes, crinkles, smores, different kinds of cookies, and cheesecakes.

Most of them are "premiumly" priced so expect premium tastes as well upon receiving them. Actually, their price is what made me think twice about trying them out but have overcome that issue since I can personally pick up my order at their location. 

I ordered this box of 4 chocolate chip cookies (100g) and found the actual products larger than what I was initially expecting.

100g chocolate chip cookies
100g chocolate chip cookies

They were huge and crispy on the outside then chewy on the inside. They told me that they use premium Belgian chocolate and real butter making them which explains the exceptional taste. I find their cookies really delicious plus the amount of chocolate used was generous. I suggest heating them first and then eating them warm for the best munching experience.

I even gave them a compliment that I would pay for this easily if these were to be found on the countertops of some cafes and restaurants. And true enough, they currently supply to one as of the moment.

gooey and chocolatey cookies
gooey and chocolatey cookies

I would not be surprised to find them later on in more shops offering them if they will be diligent enough to find more distribution channels/opportunities because the taste and texture are already there. They just have to watch for the consistency of the cookies because there were some differences if I am to base it on personal experience on my previous orders.

chuffed treats chocolate chip cookies
chocolate chip cookies by Chuffed Treats

Other than those, everything was great. The box was nice, its presentation was neat, and the cookies were thick and filled, I appreciate the given cookie care instructions for the best possible eating experience, and I would repeat the purchase as long as the things for improvement are taken care of. Still, they were a great discovery for me and I am happy to share all of them here.

P.S. I actually thought of reselling them or offering them to establishments for consignment so they are that good.

Base-location: Marikina City
Contact no.: 0997 409 6434
Email address: [email protected]
Operating hours: taking orders 24/7
chuffed treats logo

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Chocolate chip cookies by Chuffed Treats Chocolate chip cookies by Chuffed Treats Reviewed by Michael on December 28, 2022 Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for sharing this po ang sarap Naman po nyan at very satisfied talaga SA dami ng chocolate at big size niya

  2. Ohhh woww ang sarap itong chocolate chip cookies 🤤
    One of my Favorite 🫶

  3. Ang sarap nman ng cookies na ito , fave ng mga kids ko ang mga ganitong cookies . Must nitong chuffed treats . Perfect din ito pang gift ngayong holiday season 😍❤️

  4. Yummylicous chocolate chip cookies.

  5. Yay Katakam and sure talaga ng satisfying yan chocolate cookies

  6. Ang sarap naman. Looks moist and daming choco chips 🤩🥰


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