Tanay Highlands along Marilaque Hwy

This sporty highway that is enjoyed by motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts is not only known for its long, high and low, and curvy roads but also for its great views and cold temperature. So many foods and other commercial establishments are popping out including coffee places and multi-purpose events place just like this space we recently visited.

tanay highlands coffee place
perfect coffee spot

Tanay Highlands is located along Marikina-Infanta (Marilaque) highway which is a multi-purpose place but is known for its overlooking coffee spot. Now, it has transformed into a full-service restaurant.

With their beautiful location, no wonder they are very popular and has many patrons.

tanay highlands overlooking view
overlooking view

It was very cold at the time we visited (around 7-ish in the morning). Their place is very open and "cliffy" which makes them very vulnerable to the blowing wind, and with the pine trees all around, I guess you already have an idea of how cold it can get here.

The place is spacious and neat. The vibe and aesthetic are organized in terms of its structure so my perfectionist mind is pleased. Lol.

inside tanay highlands
inside tanay highlands

During our stay, we had the grilled 4-cheese sandwich, hot and cold cafe americanos, and a glass of green tea lychee. It was a short stop here hence our orders.

hot cafe americano
hot cafe americano

4 cheese grilled sandwich
4 cheese grilled sandwich

Self-service is practiced here so there is a tray present where you have to get all the necessary condiments you want on your drinks such as sugar, creamers, etc.. It can get messy at times because of the tissues and paper wrappers being blown away by the wind so make sure to do your part and pick everything up. If you can clean your area even though it's not your mess, the better.

The drinks and the foods are good but because of the ambiance, everything here feels extra relaxing. Well, who would not want to sit in a spot like this, right?!

overlooking coffee place
overlooking coffee place

With all the space they have, it is no wonder that this place is quite an ideal one for many other events such as celebrations and parties. And I bet more structures will be developed in the future to improve their services so I am looking forward to visiting again soon.

I know a lot of rider friends who uses this highway for long rides and "just because they want to" trips and I am slowly understanding why they do.. and I know stopping by in a place like this must be one of the reasons.

relaxing at tanay highlands
relaxing ambiance

I guess I'll see on my next visit. And hopefully, by that time, it will not be a short one so I can try some of their main dishes. Haha! For now, feel free to watch the video below for a glimpse of Tanay Highlands. Enjoy! 

tanay highlands signage

watch this video to see more of the place
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: Km. 57 Marikina-Infanta (Marilaque) Highway, Tanay, Rizal
Contact no.: 0968 883 3866
Operating hours: 6:00AM to 8:00PM daily

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Tanay Highlands along Marilaque Hwy Tanay Highlands along Marilaque Hwy Reviewed by Michael on December 30, 2022 Rating: 5


  1. Sakto ung mga msasarap na foods and drinks sa ganito kagandang ambiance at view ng place . Must visit! 😍❤️

  2. Saved and into consideration
    No doubt,twas indeed the best pick to enjoy nature and good food ! Very pleasing to the eye

  3. Super ganda at talagang relaxing while eating and drinking na masarap na coffee and food

  4. Ohhh woww,gandang lugar plus relaxing plus ang sasarap ng foods and drinks,mag eenjoy sa napakagandang overlooking view ,mabubusug pa💯

  5. this is a nice spot restaurant! sarap kumain at mag relax dito😊 ganda ng makikita mong view💚 plus the foods looks good! Appreciate this blog💖


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