Arariyo authentic Korean BBQ review at Q-Plaza

With so much to celebrate every December, one of our not-so-private family gatherings happened in this unlimited Korean samgyeopsal BBQ grilling place. The building where the establishment can be found is quite big holding a number of tenants which include shopping centers, restaurants, and AMF-Puyat Sports bowling & billiard place.

Arariyo Korean BBQ grill
Arariyo Korean BBQ grill

Arariyo is located inside Q-Plaza here in Cainta, Rizal. We usually pass by them every time we go bowling and at last, we had the chance to finally try them out. One of our cousins just got back from Dubai, a number of birthdays were celebrated, lockdown restrictions loosened up, plus the holiday vibe is just some of the reasons behind the festive mood of the clan hence this visit happened.

The place has glass walls so the dine-in area can be seen even from outside. Their rates are competitively affordable with various side dishes available.

Arariyo rates poster

arariyo sides and add-ons
sides and add-ons poster

Some of their interior walls are Korean-inspired showcasing famous Korean icons, landmarks, and places. The areas are neat with great spaces making the vibe inside very light and ideal for some unlimited Korean BBQ!

inside walls of arariyo
Korean-inspired walls

If I am not mistaken, we were around 30 pax that ate here at that time so we waited for each other before starting. Though it made us feel a bit hungrier than usual, the arrival of the meats made everything worth it.

inside arariyo Korean BBQ grill
a third of the group

arariyo pork meat
pork meat

They have an oil dip for the meats before grilling so they'll not stick on the grills (plus additional flavoring, lol) while all the sides are being served simultaneously.

Make sure to go slow on the side dishes as everything is refillable and can get you full immediately. I actually enjoyed all of their green veggies eating them with all the grilled pork BBQs and rice. Though I was not planning to eat rice at that time, temptation got me as I can't resist that Japanese-textured rice in front of me. It was so filled, sticky, and gooey, that even if I know it's that heavy, I was willing to take the risk. Haha! Anyway, you can never go wrong with a happy tummy.

unli Korean BBQ grill arariyo
unli Korean BBQ grill

They actually served us decently and accordingly so I think they did pretty well even with this big number so good job, Arariyo! We even tried having the cheese add-on just to have a taste and it was good. It was a great break from having all the usual taste of a Korean BBQ grill and a nice treat for those cheese lovers out there, well, unfortunately excluding me. Hehe.

inside Arariyo Korean BBQ place
inside Arariyo Korean BBQ place

I have a feeling that this will not be my first and last here especially when our next big bowling session happens so let's see. I am targeting to try some of their special side dishes especially the stir fry selections and also their other packages with more variety.

watch this video to see more of the place
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: Q Plaza Felix Avenue Brgy. San Isidro Cainta,Rizal
Contact no.: 0998 426 3236
Arariyo logo

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Arariyo authentic Korean BBQ review at Q-Plaza Arariyo authentic Korean BBQ review at Q-Plaza Reviewed by Michael on February 09, 2023 Rating: 5


  1. while I am vegetarian, I always appreciate restaurants with ambiances like this one has and good service is always appreciated too

  2. Oh my goodness, I'd love to go check out this place. It looks so delicious. I like how they cook it in front of you.


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