Mango Royal milkshake Marikina review

As thirst quenchers begin to evolve, we keep seeing different kinds of them from time to time. Many come and go but a few of them stay and be on the market just like this one that can be a drink, dessert, or a good food reward for any kind of celebration.

mango royal milkshake cups
mango royal milkshake cups

Mango Royal milkshake originated from Cabuyao, Laguna and now has a branch here in Sta. Elena, Marikina City. They serve different kinds of mango milkshakes wherein their menu is always updated and in trend using viral internet flavors and ingredients just like cheesecake, strawberry, banana, oreo, graham, and pearls.

Mango Royal milkshake menu board
Mango Royal milkshake menu board

They serve fresh mango milkshakes at very affordable rates and can even be delivered to our doorsteps just like what I did. They are listed in a number of delivery apps but you can also order directly by messaging their Facebook fan page or via their given mobile number online.

tall mango milkshake cups
tall mango milkshake cups

They currently have 10 different flavors which are the following:

1. Fresh juice (fresh mango juice with pearls)

fresh juice mango royal milkshake
fresh juice

2. Mango plain (fresh mango milkshake with pearls)

mango plain mango royal milkshake
mango plain

3. Mango banana (fresh mango milkshake, fresh banana, graham, oreo, caramel syrup with pearls)

mango banana mango royal milkshake
mango banana

4. Mango cheesecake (fresh mango milkshake, cheesecake mix, cheesecake walling with pearls)

mango cheesecake mango royal milkshake
mango cheesecake

5. Mango strawberry (fresh mango milkshake, strawberry plum natural, graham, oreo, strawberry syrup with pearls)

mango strawberry mango royal milkshake
mango strawberry

6. Mango chocolate chips (fresh mango milkshake, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup with pearls)

mango chocolate chips mango royal milkshake
mango chocolate chips

7. Mango Oreo (fresh mango milkshake, oreo, caramel syrup with pearls)

mango oreo mango royal milkshake
mango oreo

8. Mango Graham (fresh mango milkshake, graham, caramel syrup with pearls)

mango graham mango royal milkshake
mango graham

9. Mango mix (fresh mango milkshake, graham, oreo, caramel syrup with pearls)

mango mix mango royal milkshake
mango mix

10. Mango Royal (frosted cream cheese, fresh mango milkshake, fresh mango chunks, graham, oreo, caramel syrup with pearls)

mango royal mango royal milkshake
mango royal

I like that their product line is super defined so it's quite easy to select from the menu - all mango-based. I also find the move of serving fresh juice and mango plain flavors a good one because it will serve a certain market that doesn't like so many toppings or add-ons on theirs - I know a lot of people. Lol.

One of my favorites would be the Mango Graham flavor since I devour a tub of its cake version. Haha! To be honest, I am really not a fan of fruit shakes before due to my past experiences of drinking other brands of them that were not that good. Well, Mango Royal changed that, my perspective about fruit shakes. It seems that I should not generalize all that they will taste the same because this one is different. This one really tastes great to a point that I might crave this from time to time. Great job, Mango Royal milkshake!

mango royal milkshake flavors
mango royal milkshake flavors

Even the availing of add-ons or toppings is super affordable too! You can choose from the following selection: pearl, nata, graham, crushed oreo, choco chips, cheesecake, or frosted cream cheese

They actually have different branches nationwide and are open for franchises. I am not surprised that they have a lot of branches with the product I just tasted from them. With the market starting to open again especially schools slowly implementing face-to-face classes, I think more branches will open soon.

mango royal milkshake goodies
Mango Royal milkshake goodies

Anyway, for more information about them, feel free to check out their contact details given below. Happy mango milkshake-ing!

Michael at Mango Royal milkshake Marikina
Michael at Mango Royal milkshake Marikina

Address: 238-A Shoe Ave. Sta. Elena, Marikina City (Marikina branch)
Operating hours: 11:00AM to 9:00PM daily
Contact nos.: 0992 559 1069
mango royal milkshake logo

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Mango Royal milkshake Marikina review Mango Royal milkshake Marikina review Reviewed by Michael on February 11, 2023 Rating: 5


  1. This thirst quencher is perfect for summer. I wish they have a branch near us in Cavite.

  2. The best mango is still from the Philippines. It has a unique natural sweetness, that even Queensland mangoes can't replicate.

  3. They look really delicious. My kids love buying mango shakes, too, so this will be a hit to our family for sure. Layo nga lang!

  4. wow, ang daming variation for mango drinks. i think i would like to have the mango fresh juice and the mango cheesecake.

  5. Omggg ang daming choices ng flavors ng milkshake nila and ang sasarap lahat, tatry ko dn dito pag napadaan ulit kmi marikina . Thanks for sharing 🥰

  6. Woww ang daming Flavors pala nito na pagpipilian but all drinks are delicious and refreshing

  7. Pinipilahan at Binabalik balikan talaga ito.Hindi tinipid sa ingredients itsura pa lang sobrang nakakatakam na.


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