Hi Rice Grill food review at Marcos Highway

If you are looking for some unlimited food service with a lot of options, you might want to try here where a variety of food selections are present and they are very party-friendly even for private celebrations. They have been present for a while now and that ongoing presence means they are doing something right, right?

hi rice center table
center table

Hi Rice Grill buffet is located along Marcos Highway in Pasig City. They are one of the most affordable eat-all-you-can buffet restaurants I know that is near our place. Though this is not my first visit, I am happy to write about them now because it has been years since my last.

I remember being confused about what to get here then and was innocent about their other features but hopefully, I can present them here all completely at least once per station.

Their center table holds the main dishes where ready-to-eat cooked foods are available. Rice, pasta, chicken, pork, and other different delicacies including vegetables can all be found here.

main dishes at hi rice grill
main dishes

cooked food
cooked food

Just right after this area still in the center is where their Mongolian station is. Here, you can create your own bowl of Mongolian treats (whether it is Mongolian fried rice, Mongolian fried noodles, or just your own combination). You do, you.

Mongolian station
Mongolian station

A guide is present for those who are not familiar with it (just like me) so many can try creating their own as it is part of the experience here. Across the same table should be the Japanese items which include sushi, maki rolls, etc..

DIY mongolian bowl guide
DIY Mongolian bowl guide

For the Mongolian bowl, you can let them cook it for you by surrendering it to one of the present staff and they should give you a number in exchange for it. Once done, they will deliver it to you fresh and hot. Or, you actually have the choice to cook it yourself since grill pans are already in place and simultaneously use it for grilling other things.

DIY mixed mongolian ingredients
DIY mixed Mongolian ingredients

DIY Mongolian bowl finish
DIY Mongolian bowl finish

Well, for me, drinks will suffice but of course, they are bottomless here too!

unlimited drinks
unlimited drinks

One of the surprises for me here was that their dessert area now includes a "halo-halo station". It might be present from the beginning but I now appreciate the effort to make it possible here. Aside from the many ingredients it requires, they can actually just select a more non-complicated item to serve but they still chose to give this so kudos to the team behind.

I also enjoyed the ice cream treats just beside the halo-halo station which complements each other because you can top your halo-halo with one.

dessert "halo-halo" station
dessert "halo-halo" station

This table is also neighbored by sweet treats which is a very popular section for kids and kids-at-heart. Lol. The chocolate dip was very nice! Usually, chocolate on chocolate fountains is mixed with water which takes away the flavor leading it to taste bland. However, the chocolate dip here tastes solid so make sure to try them out.

Even though how full I get, there will always have room for some sour gummy worms and marshmallows for me. Haha!

sweet section
sweet section

Hi Rice Grill has many private rooms to cater to parties and celebrations and we are one of the many who did it years back until now. I think one of the many improvements they did was to place the grill pans on the center tables to adapt to the popular samgyupsal-style of eating which is a good thing. Now, I can heat my food as per preference and still enjoy the whole feature of the grilling experience at the same time.

samgyupsal grill pans
samgyupsal grill pans

Again, I seldom eat in buffet restaurants but when I see my plate full like this, it is an indicator of something good. The place can get really messy, especially the dessert station (because of the kids) and maybe they can improve more about how fast they refill some food stations but my ultimate suggestion
would be to provide some Chinese dumplings. I think it will be a good addition to the present food selections.

I actually enjoyed eating some of their vegetable options here combining them with fried rice. Their other main dishes are good enough for me to feel more than satisfied so thank you, Lord, for such blessings.

my Hi Rice plate
my Hi Rice plate (no. 1)

Aside from the regular chicken, pork, and meat food selections, watch the video below for some of their specific food offerings. This was recorded on a Sunday (weekend) lunchtime so it was a peak hour hence the general condition of everything. 

watch this video to see more of the place
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: 50 Semicon Building Marcos Highway Dela Paz Pasig City
Contact no.: 0917 803 5555
Hi Rice logo

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