Bebang HaloHalo delivery review

It has been a while now since this product made its rounds on the internet but would you believe that this will be just our first try tasting them? Well, let's see if the hype was really something worth jumping for. I am really picky especially about this item's toppings since I don't eat a lot of things but hopefully, I can do something to make it work (if needed, haha!).

Bebang Halo Halo
Bebang Halo Halo

Bebang HaloHalo is a food specialty store for this Filipino cold dessert that is made up of crushed ice, evaporated milk, and a good mix of various sweet jellies, fruits, and other desserts like ube jam and ice cream. They have a physical store in Mandaluyong City but most of their operations are done thru deliveries.

They serve and deliver throughout Metro Manila and its neighboring cities by partnering with some of the delivery apps and couriers carrying the products. I ordered thru their Facebook fan page and it directed and connected me to their ordering pages smoothly. With the payment options of using a credit card, G-cash, or cash on delivery (COD), it was quite convenient to check my order out. I selected a specific time of delivery for our orders and they came accordingly looking like these:

Bebang halo halo delivery
Bebang halo halo delivery

It was delivered cold and everything was in place. We ordered 6 pcs. of their presidential halo-halo for everybody here and they do not only look but are really bigger in person once received. I can vouch for their packaging as one of the best so far in terms of presentation for this item so good job, Bebang HaloHalo.

6 presidential halo halo
6 pcs. of presidential halo halo

Bebang halo halo top view
halo halo top view

halo halo tall cups
halo halo tall cups

So, moving forward with the tasting, the ingredients that I don't eat in their presidential cup is the corn, pandan jelly, and macapuno so it was not that easy for me to avoid them. But I enjoyed all the jellies and gulaman inside, especially the crushed ice milk. The ube jam is also a factor since it really adds a complimenting taste once it mixes with the melted ice.

This was a refreshing treat for me since this is my first time eating this again since the last summer. For the price, they are on the upper end compared to the regulars we usually buy from food stores that have them or the pop-up stands that serve them during the summer season but with the convenience of having them delivered at your own preferred time (any season) is really their edge.

presidential halo halo of Bebang
presidential halo halo

All of my homies here liked it and some even saved it for tomorrow. Lol. I guess another day with a good halo-halo cup is another happy day.

With this, I am actually looking forward to trying some of their other flavors like the banana cinnamon con yelo (which I think I can clean to the bottom of the cup), special, and that royal halo-halo with the edible gold. Hmmm.. I wonder what it tastes like? So intriguing. Well, maybe next time. Some good reasons to order again. Haha!

Michael's Hut x Bebang HaloHalo
Michael X Bebang

Address: Shaw blvd. infront of PCSO Mandaluyong City
Contact no.: 28 659 43 47
Operating hours: 9:00AM to 7:00PM daily
Bebang HaloHalo logo

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Bebang HaloHalo delivery review Bebang HaloHalo delivery review Reviewed by Michael on January 23, 2023 Rating: 5

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  1. I love halo-halo and it is something that often miss back in the Philippines. Lots of ube, letche plan, bananas and langka are the best. Perfect to beat this summer heat.


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