Rhythm Kay | TikTok & Singer-Songwriting journey

If you are using or active on this social media platform, you might have seen one of her videos in your feed circulating or being shared by many. Her voice has captivated a lot of people already because of its soothing ness and relaxing tone. Well, if you haven't heard of it yet, it seems that there are even more interesting stories behind her so let's know more about this TikTok personality.

Rhythm Kay
Rhythm Kay

Rhythm Kay, who currently has 350,000+ followers on TikTok with 6,000,000+ video likes is the one that we'll know more about.

Rhythm started creating Tiktok videos last 2020 when she had her heart broken. Back then, the videos she would post were random – "I would dub dialogues, do dance trends, sit down videos, etc." The first video that got her account growing garnered 10,000 likes which was a cover of Mcdonald’s Jingle “Better Together” but the one that got her follower count booming was an original song about her insecurities and being herself.

I asked her "Any specific viral trends in TikTok that you enjoy doing?"

"Tiktok is known as a dancing app and to be completely honest, I used to enjoy dancing along trends or choreographies done by excellent dancers. But singing is really what I do and what people enjoy watching me do, so a singing trend that never aged for me is the one where I get to duet with people."

She told me that the time spent doing 1 short clip varies. If it's branded content, it would take her days to get a final video that’s ready for posting. But if it’s just a random singing clip or a random video, 15 minutes is already long. "That’s actually one of the things I love about the app because it doesn’t really require a full studio lighting set up, a good video edit, graphics, etc."

"Any TikTokerists you look up to?"

"Ayn Bernos & Nina the CEO of Colourette are two of my most looked-up to creators from Tiktok. They have contributed a lot when it comes to my confidence and how I am slowly being brave enough to try new things – whether people like it or not."

Rhythm Kay
Rhythm Kay

"Okay, so you have your original songs.. Were you already doing songwriting before TikTok? What made you start doing songwriting too?"

"As mentioned earlier, I started posting Tiktok videos because I had my heart broken. But even before joining the app, I really process my emotions better when I write a song about it. Kaya nga when people ask for full versions of the songs I post online, hindi ko mabigay agad because most of the time, these are just short choruses of what I feel and how I want to process them."

"Any original song you have posted that you would like us to view and hear?"

"I recently posted one original song that didn’t get much attention but it’s one of my favorite compositions. I like it because it’s a different sound compared to the songs I have been posting online. The song’s about the things we sometimes want to tell those who have hurt us and seem to not care about the bruises they have left." Video link HERE 

Rhythm Kay
Rhythm Kay

"Any Songwriters that inspire you?"

"Call me an old soul but Ogie Alcasid & Ice Seguerra will forever be my favorite songwriters. I grew up listening to their songs and will forever aspire to be even ⅛ close to how good they are."

With the current details given above, I actually appreciate her talent more now since it's not just like a single skill or talent but it takes a lot more than one to pull off such a journey like hers. She sings, songwrites, creates content, and does all of the work behind it. I am actually awed. You are doing such a great job Rhythm!

I actually saw her in some sponsored content not that long ago so I asked next "Any specific shows or sponsored gigs you are proud of that you have done because of TikTok/songwriting?"

"I appreciate and love all the brands that have trusted me through the years! But to answer the question, my feature at Globe’s campaign #OwnTheFuture and the performance I did with my friend, Justin Taller, at Blogafest 2022 will be some of my favorites!"

Own the Future by Globe
Own the Future by Globe

Blogapalooza's Blogafest
Rhythm opening the Blogapalooza's Blogafest

"Any dream collaboration with any celebrity/brand?"

"Of course, to get to collaborate with Moira Dela Torre is a dream! Her style and her heart are inspirations to me as well and I would love to get to sing with her or write a song with her."

"Any message for those who want to follow in your footsteps? Following the same path as yours?"

"Oh man, I tell you, just brave it out. As cliche as it sounds, you truly wouldn't know unless you try. And sabi nga ni Ayn, you owe it to yourself to try – para maalis na din yung question in your mind na “What if I tried?” kasi it will just keep on bothering you. Another thing is to keep doing you. I grew up being a people pleaser and it really led me nowhere. Lagi nga sinasabi ng mom ko, audience of One lang – God and God alone. So as much as I could, and because of His grace, I try to honor Him and please Him with the little and the big opportunities. However big or however small, do it excellently because you’re doing it for the Lord! Magugulat ka nalang how the opportunities and the opened doors and windows are piling up, slowly making your dreams come true one by one."

Michael x Rhythm Kay
Michael x Rhythm Kay

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  1. This is the first time I know about her and her social media presence (probably because my niche of interests and algorithms are different). She seems talented and creative gal.

  2. Inspiring. She was able to divert her energy to producing something productive for her. Ang galing nya.


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